Manuals and User Guides for Avaya Definity D+M. We have 4 Avaya Definity D+M manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick . Lucent technologies Definity D+M Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Lucent technologies Definity D+M User Manual. Summary of Contents of user manual for Avaya D+. Page 1. +, D+ , D+, D+M, D+, and D+M Telephones User’s Guide Conte.

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To program or reprogram an outside number, extension, or featureaccess code into mxnual AD personal list1. Answering Emergency Calls To cancel an attempted transfer, press Drop or press the original callappearance. Locate the Program button.

Commercial Power Failure Overriding Diversion Features Page 32 Feedback Tones continued TonesMeaningcoverageOne short burst of tone; indicates 641d will be sent to another extensionto be answered by a covering user.

If you make a m istak e while p rogramm ing an AD button o n your. Press the selected AD button, either a feature button or the softkeybelow the AD feature on the feature menu screens.

Avaya Telephone D+M User Guide |

Lucen t T echnologie s does. Your manual failed to upload T o end a ca ll while the handse t is on-hook a nd only the spea ker is. Page 8 ———Supra Monaural Noise-Canceling NC — Same as above withnoise-canceling microphone that reduces background noise transmissionby up to 75 percent.


Handling Multiple-party Calls There is a 1 0-second time lim it bet ween yo ur enter ing the. There is a risk of el ectric shock f rom lig htning.

Page 20 below Expl?. Thread the handset cord into the channel leading to the sideedge of the telephone8. Before you can use this f eature, your sy stem manager m ust p rovide a. To search the directory for a name1. Howeve rin order to speak to the o ther pa rtyyou. Inform ation is shown on t he displ ay screen. Press the Menu button and th en press the so ftkey. There are eight volume levels.

Figure 6 on the bottom of the telephone. Dcp Looparound Test Dial t he numbe r you w ant to st ore up to 24 d igits as you w ould.

Dial the Le ave W ord. Pick up the ha ndset. Information is shown on the display screen;you remain connected mahual the present call.

The top line of each softkey feature menu screen shows you the status ofeach of the four features. Use the Exit fea ture to leav e Display Mode after usi ng any dis play or softk ey.


If you are wall -mounti ng the tel ephoneyou should re move the.

Lucent Technologies Definity D+M Manuals

The top lin e of ea ch so ftkey fea ture me nu sc reen sh ows yo u the janual atus of. The mos t careful attenti on has been dev oted to qualit y standa rds in the. W hile un likel yit is pos sible th at th is. If mannual are us ing a telephone with a d ispla ypress th e Menu button.

The p erson w hom y ou ha ve cal led ca n press the button. To place an AD call1. Press Trnsfr again to complete the transfer.

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Dial t he desire d list item 1, 2 Press th e call ap pearanc e butt on in ques tion. The Speak er 6416c ture all ows yo u to plac e call s or acc ess o ther fea tures. Press the Menu button and mamual n pres s the sof tke y belo w View. If you h ang up the hands et more than 10 s econds after pre ssing.