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The fastest types and very low voltage versions are typically surface-mount only, however. The 74H family is the same basic design as the family with resistor values reduced. Power Dissipation P D. Maximum V CC Voltage. Some manufacturers, such as Mullard and Siemens, had pin-compatible TTL parts, but with a completely different numbering scheme; however, data sheets identified the compatible number as an aid to recognition.

As integrated circuits in the series were made in different technologies, usually compatibility was retained with the original TTL logic levels and power supply voltages.

Principles, Devices and Applications. Some companies have also offered industrial extended temperature range variants using the regular series part numbers with a prefix or suffix to indicate the temperature grade. It was jokingly referred datasheey in the Eastern Bloc electronics industry as the “elephant-dung packaging”, due to its appearance. With features such as this the 74C logic family is.

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74C00 Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

C IN Input Capacitance. AC Electrical Characteristics Note 2. While companies such as Mullard listed series compatible parts in data sheets, [18] by there was no mention of the family 74c00 the Texas Instruments TTL Data Book.

Retrieved 5 June Order Number Package Number. Archived from the original on Retrieved 26 March Views Read Edit View history.

Retrieved 2 November Additional characters in a part number identify the package and other variations. Retrieved 17 March Although the series was the first de facto industry standard TTL logic family i. They are useful for rapid breadboard -prototyping and for education and remain available from most manufacturers.

However, this type of circuit suffers from significant harmonic distortion and shortened component life. The 74F family was introduced by Fairchild Semiconductor and adopted by other manufacturers; it is faster than the 74, 74LS and 74S families. Retrieved 7 March Fan out of 2 driving 74L.

7400-series integrated circuits

Today, surface-mounted CMOS versions of the series are used in various applications in electronics and for glue logic in computers and industrial electronics. Fan out of 2 driving 74L Ordering Code: Retrieved 8 June A short-lived 64 prefix on Texas Instruments parts indicated an industrial temperature range; this prefix had been dropped from the TI literature by Originally the bipolar circuits provided higher speed but consumed more power than the competing series of CMOS devices.


Specific functions are described in a list of series integrated circuits. Integrated circuits Digital electronics introductions. In the early days of large-scale IC development, a prototype of a new large-scale integrated circuit might have been developed using TTL chips on several circuit boards, before committing adtasheet manufacture of the target device in IC form.

Some TTL logic parts were made with an extended military-specification temperature range. Like the seriesthe newer CMOS versions of the series are also usable as analogue amplifiers dattasheet negative feedback similar to operational amplifiers with only an inverting input [ citation needed ].