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74LS08N Datasheet, PDF – Qdatasheet

Due to the popularity of these parts other manufacturers have released pinto compatible devices which kept sequence number aid identification. Some manufacturers released series equivalent CMOS circuits with prefix for example the HC was replacement slightly different electrical characteristics power supply voltage ratings higher frequency capabilities lower on resistances analog switches etc.

CssClass if n dexOf return for. Older discontinued parts may be available from limited number of sellers as new stock NOS though some are much harder find CssClass if n dexOf return for.


IC manufacturers continue to make core subset of this group but many these part numbers are considered obsolete and no longer manufactured. Older discontinued parts may be available from limited number of sellers as new stock NOS though some are much harder find.

A would be the bit wide equivalent of. Manufacturer Panasonic Quantity Buy. Manufacturer Signetics High Technology Inc. We promise that we will never share your e-mail address with any third party company.

In a few instances such as the and same suffix different families do not have completely equivalent logic functions. Part number Description Input Output Datasheet xG triple inverter gate LVC schmitttrigger opendrain buffer combo gatestwo one AUP See also edit series integrated circuits List of Push pull Opencollector Threestate Logic family Programmable device Pin compatibility References This article includes but sources remain unclear because has insufficient inline citations These parts are prefixed with instead of number.

However different manufacturers will use prefixes or no at all. Tuere tanee Babe pig in the city flealick Hydrolatum ointment Ghost hunt urado Ohmcraft distributors C4h10o2 structure nmr. These parts are prefixed with instead of number.


There are few numeric suffixes that have multiple conflicting assignments such. Description columnthe terms schmitttrigger opencollector drain threestate were moved input and output columns make easier sort by those features. For the following table Part number columnthe x is place holder logic subfamily name.