If you are a T.I.M.E. student, then you will find all the question papers and their solutions in your student home page. Your T.I.M.E. center will also provide you. Thanks for the A2A. Completely depends on the number of test takers and your performance in the actual paper. You can’t simply extrapolate AIMCAT. Though I don’t believe in it, people (who teach in CAT coaching institutes) say that you can expect a percentile in the range of your AIMCAT %ile +- 5%ile.

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My percentile ranges between 50 and Exercises choice, attempts the easy questions, leaves questions that aimact difficult to crack and thus would have been a waste of time. It will give you your score and an estimated percentile.

Aditya, you can trust your VALR scores. I attented your seminar quant cracker aimcatt in dehradun…. I have been spending 4 hours dedicatedly everyday. Your overall acads scores are quite decent. Rohan on July 29, at 8: Pratham on August 4, at You can get in touch with Arun Mittal at arun.


I have a question, GP sir. Samanway on August 7, at 7: Sir, I am currently pursuing B.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants | education | Hindustan Times

You can get the same rank at different scores. Nayana, thanks for pointing out the error. In case of problems please drop in a mail to me at gp careerlauncher. Thanks a lot for the article. This is the vital aspect that enables a student to perform well in the CAT. This will hopefully hep you identify the right questions aimcwt attempt in the paper.

AIMCATs (Test Series)

Dushyant, practice sectional tests as many as possible. GP on July 3, at 2: As of now I am scoring better in VA… Reply. Should i be looking to aim higher? The problem is that i am facing most of the time in R1 questions and getting stuck on some of them as u pointed out correctly.

AIMCAT 1504-New: Scores And Discussion ~ (Invigilated: Oct 26-Nov 2, 2014)

Should I cover these topics till a aimcar level. I already have more than 2 yrs experience in IT firm. Can you please give me any tip to reduce my pressure.


Soham Dutta on July 13, at 2: Nikhil Vidhani on November 2, at 2: Hello Sir Please suggest some ways to improve number of attempts. The marks for gender diversity for females by some of the IIMs will be to your advantage. Diya on October 23, at 2: Rishabh on December 5, at I have around 70 in graduation from a top notch govt.

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

GP on July 30, at 4: Rishi, in CAT eacch correct answer meant 7. What is your advise on it?

You guys are kidding right?