All about Acidente – Aksidenti (Em Portugues do Brasil) by Ismail Kadare. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers. Aksidenti: roman. Front Cover. Ismail Kadare. Onufri, – pages Bibliographic information. QR code for Aksidenti. The novel in question is, of course, Broken April by Ismail Kadaré who has City (Darka e Gabuar: ), and The Accident (Aksidenti: ).

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Contained the best two sentences I have read all year so far, exquisite metaphor the more powerful for being understated and unshowy.

The Accident

But, you know, everyone has aksixenti off days and I think he wrote this novel on some of those days. It reminded me of some lesser books iwmail Doris Lessing, when you see the author knows he is lost in the plot but he tries to go on by any means.

An ambiguous and elliptical novel made up of complex and contradictory narrative threads. Note that the “Siege” was written inthis book in Newer Post Older Post Home. Jan 08, Ben Thurley rated it liked it.

The Accident by Ismail Kadare

And yet, there is also the suggestion that all these things can be tethered to another, older story, that there is a reference point for each and every story, as with Besfort Y’s request for three days’ leave from work, just before his death.

This is a tale of an accident, or perhaps a murder, or perhaps of the inevitability of soul-murder in a patriarchalized society.

Draw your own conclusions. He is clever and precise in his method of setting you up to grasp what he is trying to say about us and the way we love or treat one another. As a result, the work was banned. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

I was annoyed by this in the beginning, but the more I read the more I realized that this was probably the intent of th Rovena and Besfort are killed in a strange car accident and a lone researcher attempts to understand their true relationship, recreate the events leading up to their deaths and discover what really happened in the accident.


But all of the above were better. In such cases of law, the English refer to remote history, Muslims to the Qur’an and emergent African states to the Encylopedia Britannica, but in the Balkans they find every precedent with little effort in their ballads. People say bizarre things to each other and respond in bizarre ways.

Ismail Kadare – Wikipedia

The rest is far from certain. Trivia About The Accident. Retrieved from ” https: The Accident is first and foremost a puzzle of an investigation, but the story is about retroactively composing the last weeks of the lovers, Mr. La cronologia si frammenta e gli eventi si intrecciano violando il normale ordine temporale. Every day the travel that was meant to be the happy beginning of their married life draws Diana deeper into the reality of life in the highlands, while Besian remains the curious observer until his wife commits a terrible faux-pas.

Yet, I have always believed and fight still to believe in beauty, nature, goodness, harmony and love. I binte ne ato caste nje hir qe te trembte,te rrezonte. I had given up on understanding the details, even important ones, of this novel sometime in the first few chapters. He has been a leading literary figure in Albania since the s. Retrieved 24 December On that note, his attitude towards both LGBT people and sex workers was concerning.

The story centers on the accident of the title, which is detailed in the first of the novel’s three sections. It concerns the extremely thorough investigation of an automobile accident that occurred 17 Km outside of Vienna. Retrieved 23 May Something happens — something distracts the driver — and he goes off the road. Feb 07, M. The last part involves the same researcher carrying out some further investigations as a result of new insights he has gained from his imagined recounting of their last forty weeks.


Much as the novel centers on and spins off of the central event of their accident, the lives of the lovers Besfort Y.

I would aksidentj Kawabata as my first and greatest example. Retrieved 6 March From this seemingly simple conceit, Kadare weaves the pieced-together tale of two lovers from the evidence surrounding them.

And at the end? I pulled out the Tolstoy to copy some quotes from it and the man seated next to me noticed it.

Three days’ leave to carry out a duty, normally something left undone? Eingestellt von Edith LaGraziana um The author can’t write women to save his life; breasts are mentioned at least once every five pages, and generally women are portrayed as sneaky magical creatures that ought to be feared because they’ll turn into lesbians to spite y The disjointed narrative flow is interesting, but the author uses the technique so sporadically that it comes off as clumsy and cliche half the trippy moments are outright stated to be dreams, and ismqil majority of the narrative is an admitted fantasy reconstruction.

There is so much feeling in the human relationships described nakedly akisdenti with stark eloquence, I found myself thinking once again how much is lost to me by being in the United States. I have fought to resist the patina of the produced and to stare long in pursuit of a realistic understanding.

Jul 19, Adam rated it liked it Shelves: The entire novel is a puzzle, in every sense of the word.