This is very simple dynamic processor from Alesis company. It has only three controls -input(also a compression amount control),release,and In , Alesis Studio Electronics, and associates put on the market a range of effects and processors numriques, called MICRO SERIES. The Alesis MICRO LIMITER is a true stereo in/stereo out compressor/limiter which is used for automatic gain riding, peak limiting, and special effects on both live.

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The first product in the Micro series was the bit Microverb which, like its larger forebears, produces real studio quality digital reverb at a truly affordable price. Even when monitored through a pair mucro Beyer Dynamic D headphones, there was very little in the way of difference between the input signal and the output signal.

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I asked several other people for their opinions of the effect and we all agreed on one thing – there was very little perceptible difference between the input direct and output treated signals. The LEDs on the front panel indicate this wonderfully. The units all have the same basic appearance, three rotary potentiometers and an effects bypass switch. Each of these comes in a sturdy, 1U high by mm x mm metal box with stereo inputs and outputs on the rear.

Are the speakers up to the job? Personally, the separate mains adaptor is a minor annoyance. Is the amplifier suspect? My amplifier is getting on a bit but certainly seems more than capable of the limifer and so do the speakers.

Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. To finish then, I would recommend both the Micro Gate and Micro Limiter to anyone with serious aspirations but with limited cash. The Alesis gate proved very simple to become acquainted with.


Alesis Micro Limiter

Limifer reserved my judgement of the third addition to the Alesis Micro range until last. This similarity can be a little confusing if you’re trying to read the front panel settings from the other side of the studio.

However, I still could not give the Alesis unit top marks because of the effect bypass switch on the front panel, which generates a considerable ‘thump’ when limitet switch aless used. Contact Sound Technology pic, Contact Details. The Threshold pot sets the transition point of the gate from open to closed; the Delay control allows you to set the time taken for the gate to close after the signal has fallen below the threshold level; and the Rate control sets the rate of closure of the gate.

Did you find this review helpful? The effect is visualized by 8 LED green, yellow and red for both dernires to signify saturation.

I liked the stereo option a lot, it simplified the treatments a great deal. Searchable archive of old, out-of-print music production magazines.

Finally the output right will catch the loss level, due to compression, and a db can trs bad! This limiter provides a powerful and warm. The latest additions to the series are three effects boxes: At a time when I’m attempting to wlesis down on the number of leads that invariably get too muddled to sort out properly, having three extra leads dangling in the way is no joke.

If you’re like me and have a neighbour whose idea of a quiet Sunday afternoon is to llimiter two hours sanding the front door with the Black and Decker he got for Christmas, then a noise gate is essential if you’re to cover up all of the minor annoyances such as ‘spikes’ on the mains supply that tend to make your recordings sound like an advert for a well-known breakfast cereal.


However, the subject limjter this review is the recent additions to their range of studio quality effects units, the aptly named ‘Micro’ series.

Extensive compressor reviews and FAQ

I do have some reservations, however. This is a compression ratio of 2: ,icro in this article: If this sounds like a rather savage technique to apply to an acoustic chain that you’ve probably spent hours attempting to perfect, then you’re perfectly right.

Request a new review. Possibly Alesis think that it is more ‘musically useful’ to have the device permanently connected and to only use the bypass switch for setting-up purposes?

All three, I’ve posted in that order, between a pre-amp and mixer. The micto gate’ is a simple technique that mutes the output stage of the audio path when the signal drops below a predetermined level so, although the ‘snaps’, ‘crackles’ and ‘pops’ are still there, the noise gate mutes them during the quiet passages of your music and, consequently, they are not as obvious.

Well, I don’t believe that my hearing is at all impaired, other than the natural wear-and-tear one might expect for a 26 year-old pair of lug ‘oles.