All the forms details and information you need to renew yor car licence disc. DOWNLOAD ALV 1 (MVL2) FORM. where to renew your vehicle licence. We list of every post office that will processes car licence renewals. Download the MVL1 form to renew your car licence. Fill application licensing motor vehicle form gauteng instantly, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or.

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If you received your renewal notice in the post, then you have received the MVL2 form. For us guys that need to go to the Post Office, is it any Post Office? gautenv

Our helpline will be offline from 12pm on Friday 02 February to 8am Monday 5 February This form must be submitted together with the following:. If you fail to renew your licence, you will be liable to pay late licensing penalties and arrears.

Complete the Application for registration and licensing of motor vehicle RLV form. You have the right to expect treatment that follows all the Batho Pele principles, especially the following:. Feel free to let us know by commenting on our Facebook page or you can contact our newsroom on and speak to a journalist. You then click ” Submit Renewal Request” We take the information that you have entered and look up the cost of the licence renewal.

This is where you place gaiteng order. His or her ID document and a certified copy thereof; a certified copy of the ID document of the applicant; and an affidavit in which the applicant explains the nature of the unforeseen circumstances preventing him or her from receiving the card in person and lists the name and ID number of the person who will receive the card on his or her behalf. You need to produce your ID document when you collect the license card.


You will then get an email back with the price,and should you want to continue, you will need to go back to the site and do the credit card transaction. You will now be presented gaufeng a number of fields to fill in. Slv she has just ignore it. Fauteng do this by contacting the authorities.

Joined Nov 9, Messages 6, The vehicle was involved in an accident and has been declared permanently unfit for use. To register a pre-owned used vehicle, the seller must first complete and submit a Notification of change of ownership NCO form, which gives notification of change of ownership.

Vehicle licence renewal without notice

Joined Dec 12, Messages 1, Renewal of driving license card in the case of applicants who reside outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa: Your source of local breaking news and trending stories from across the country.

If you pass the driving license test, you will be issued with a temporary driving license while your credit-card-format driving license is produced.

Aguteng the case of a company, the enterprise certificate issued by CIPRO; in the case of a close corporation, the enterprise certificate issued by CIPRO; or a traffic register number certificate. Crap I didn’t read everything. Joined Sep 6, Messages 21, Joined Jan 16, Messages 9, Vehicle licence renewal without notice. However, you must be accompanied by a driver licensed for the specific vehicle, except in the case of a motor cycle because a learner driver may not transport another person on a motor cycle.

You may need proof of residence if you don’t have the renewal notice. Joined Jul 6, Messages 29, Make sure that the province is correct. You have the right to expect treatment that follows all the Batho Pele principles, especially the following: Motor cycle type vehicles; any motor vehicle of which the tare exceeds 3 kg; a bus or goods vehicle of which foorm gross vehicle mass exceeds 3 kg; and an articulated motor vehicle of which the gross combination mass exceeds 3 kg.


Eco-friendly way to keep flies at bay.

Download ALV Form (Application for Licensing of Motor Vehicle) – FormFactory

If you have a complaint: Do the post office because they are more lenient when it comes to physical presence of the real owner. Well they take a while to email you.

Or do they have selected? Renewal of driving license card in the case of applicants within the borders of the Republic of South Africa: Licenses not collected within days are destroyed. Once you are in the renewal request screen, the gxuteng car details that you filled in during the service registration process step 1 will be presented to you. Such an applicant must follow the procedure explained in 1. Don’t forget to verify your email.

You must gaugeng your motor vehicle licence at your relevant registering authority or at a selected post office near you. Note that this is not the application, only courtesy to fit your diary. Request for police identification form RPI. You must be over the age of 18 years before you can apply for a driving license for a motor vehicle and over the age of 16 years to apply for a license to operate a motor cycle with an engine capacity of up to cc.

Joined Nov 21, Messages 18, You must log in or register to reply here. Traffic register number certificates are issued by a registering authority upon application, based on: The vehicle licence disc has not been renewed for more than four years.

APoc Honorary Master Mar 30,