Andy Timmons — Electric Gypsy (ver 2) Tab ELECTRIC GYPSY As recorded by Andy Timmons (From the Album THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW). Electric Gypsy. By Andy Timmons. • 1 song, Play on Spotify. 1. Electric Gypsy. Listen to Andy Timmons in full in the Spotify app. Play on. Stream Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy by Yehoon Seong from desktop or your mobile device.

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He is a beast. Aug 19 I rebuilt the peavey and replaced all caps and resistors and tubes.

Andy Timmons — Electric Gypsy (ver 2) Tab

This area I need to work more on. The technique is tapping 12 frets above ansy note your fretting. It was 4am too so I don’t know.

Almost every part has a different level dynamically and man that is going to be a challenge. Wow it makes a huge difference before the amp, it’s ridiculous how much it affects it before the amp if the pedal board effects are in the loop. Before any effects the dry guitar was hard to play. His tone is a lot darker and warmer than yours Jim, but he manages not to get it sounding muddy and still has clarity and definition.

It also allowed me to change the whole song up in semitones. Usually, the tube amp responds as your hand is playing – you must get acquainted to this idea and start controlling it.


Cosmin Lupu View Member Profile.

The Left channel in my recording mix comes from the balanced output from the Gnx4. The only speaker is from the traynor amp.

What I notice is that at this point, you are simply going through it linking all the parts, but the next step would be to learn how to interpret it – see, Andy plays some parts harder, others softer and so on. It is hard to remember because of how long it its and as the band enters Andy plays this beautiful lick that took me so long to figure out.

Andy Timmons – Electric Gypsy by Yehoon Seong | Free Listening on SoundCloud

I think keeping it in my repitoire will help me get a better grasp on confidence to play it. The pre amp goes into a sonic maximizer then into the pedal board.

Also I dont even have to turn the amp to the on position to get it to process the pre amp. I think that this would be the next step in your journey with this tune IMG: I would use that one with the bridge pickup I think – it’s not that bad. The gain should be obtained from the amp and booster – electrid that and let me know how it feels.

I would just make sure you run it with the head phones plugged in and not any louder than necessary. Thanks cosmin I’m gonna experiment tonight.


The main melody is repeated again but its cut short the second time around to start the outro solo. I learned this song using two methods. From there I used a great program Amazing Slow Downer this allowed me to slow the song way down and loop electrid sections. You should go for the first 3 IMG: Appreciate andj Oh one main problem I had was trying to mimic his tone, it is clear and not overdriven much but sometimes it was.

My new setup does not ekectric come close to the gain even with the tube screamer maxed out with does not sound good. The first method was watching these videos http: Aug 17 Ok so keep in mind that I lost my cabinets because of space. Anyway the peavey has a balanced output that is the signal that goes into my firewire processor as the Right channel. Also I think I need to be able to improvise a little too but that is going to take really understanding where he ghpsy going with it.

Without a load, voltages on the secondary of the output transformer can get so high they can arc and damage the transformer. Learning Rock Star Group: