ANSYS, Inc. June 21, 2. • ANSYS Icepak Overview. • Sample Problem: Thermal analysis of electronics in downhole equipment. I want to learn ansys icepak, where can I get video help me if anyone knows. Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates. iii. ANSYS Icepak Tutorials Step Additional Exercise.

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Solving the Model Without Radiation Modeling an Airborne Electronics System at Altitude A 15 Minute Exploration 8.

where can i get video tutorials for Ansys Icepak ?

Save the Model 2. Post-processing the Results Creating Separately Meshed Assemblies 4.

How To Use This Manual 1. Slice Tool in DM Modifying the Geometry Optimization in DesignXplorer Build the Model 3. Zero Slack with Non-Conformal Meshing Build the Model 2.


Simplify – Level 1 Physical and Numerical Settings 2. Modeling CAD Geometry Component Filtration Alternatives Beat the heat with ANSYS Icepak, a premier simulation tool to perform electro-thermal and standalone thermal analyses of electronic designs.

Icepak provides a vast library of fans, heatsinks and materials to furnish solutions to everyday electronic cooling concerns.

Tutoriials – Level 0 Define Design Variables Physical and Numerical Settings 3. Modeling the effects of Altitudes Build the Model 6.

High Density Datacenter Cooling Calculate a Solution 2. Physical and Numerical Settings Ray-Tracing Radiation Model Calculate a Solution 7.

Icepak Tutorials

Define Primary, Compound, and Objective Functions Create a New Project 5. Create a New Project 6. Save the Model 4.

Zoom-In Physical and Numerical Settings Create a Support for the Box and Resize Cabinet Import of CAD Geometry Build the Model 9. Simplify – Level 2 Finned Heat Sink 2. Examine the Zoom-in Results Define Parameters and Trials 9.

Power and Tutofials Inputs Generate a Mesh 4. Create a New Project 9. Create a New Project 3. Create a New Project 2.


where can i get video tutorials for Ansys Icepak ? | GrabCAD Questions

Generate a Mesh 9. Training Method Used 8. Edit the Zoom-in Model