The Arab Mind by Raphael Patai Pg Much has been written on the subject of honor (sharaf) among the Arabs. What has not been emphasized, at lea. Raphael Patai’s The Arab Mind is a “field tested” book—and I mean . Raphael Patai wrote optimistically about the future of the Arab world. The book in question is called The Arab Mind, and is by Raphael Patai, a cultural anthropologist who taught at several US universities.

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Chapters are devoted to the influence of Islam, sexual mores, Arab language and Arab art, Bedouin values, Arab nationalism, and the pervasive influence of Westernization.

Trivia About The Arab Mind. There was a problem adding your email address. Moughrabi, The Arab Basic Personality: Apr 27, Kameel Nasr rated it did not like it.

Oct 16, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: Patai links the Arab character to the Bedouin tradition e. February 8,Hatherleigh Press. This was followed by a surge of media interest in the book during the summer of Purchased from my local library sale. At some point after about a third of the book it seems the writing just starting putting words next to each other without any sense about Arabs.


I encourage all Americans to read this book. Far more sensible and realistic than the men, they are the key to cultural and political change in their world. Last week, my own further enquiries about the book revealed something even more alarming. Learned that features of the language many fewer verb tenses than in English impact the way they think, speak, and are interpreted.

‘Its best use is as a doorstop’ | World news | The Guardian

Feb 24, Hassan rated it it was ok. August 28,Hatherleigh Press.

He uses many historical examples to explain why Arabs are who they are and do what they do. He is not remotely obsessed with Arab sexual behavior, contrary to occasional criticisms, but he does discuss it, as he should. He backs up this claim with two quotations: Now let raphaael start: There are chapters on the language, pe If you have any dealings with anyone from the Middle East this is a must read book.

None of the academics I contacted thought the book suitable for serious study, although Georgetown University once invited students to analyse it rapjael “an example of bad, biased social science”. The Foreword is by Norvell B. Want to know the differences in Culture between the Mibd and the Middle East then this is a must read. In a speech last week, the US president, George Bush, congratulated himself on having removed “hateful propaganda” from the schools in Iraq.


The Arab mind | Open Library

The book advocates a tribal-group-survival explanation for the driving factors behind Arab culture. Want to Read saving…. Although the Arab countries certainly have their distinctive characteristics, the idea that million people, from Morocco to the Gulf, living in rural villages, urban metropolises and very rarely these days desert tents, think with some sort arah single, collective mind is utterly ridiculous.

We found it was far easier to ignore them rather then catch them. We, and our government officials, soldiers, businesspeople and diplomats, do ourselves no favors by deliberately blinding ourselves to reality, both its ugly and its arah faces. Subjects ArabsIn library.


To all accounts, the book was extremely useful to those officers. View all 4 comments. Jun 01, Nate Hill rated it it was ok. This book is not for entertainment, but it kept me engrossed.