ArcPy function to export a map document’s page layout or data frame to the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format. CONVERTING DATA IN ARCGIS ArcGIS has data conversion commands in all The context menu of a shapefile or a coverage has the Export command for . A: This error message may appear when exporting an attribute map or ranked variable map from ioGAS using the Export to ESRI Geodatabase.

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When arcibjects a support request, please provide the following information as applicable in order to help us to provide a timely response:. PNG files also have the ability to define a transparent color; part of the image can display as transparent in a Web browser, allowing backgrounds, images, or colors to show through. Shape datasets larger than 2GB are considered invalid and will cause errors when opened in other applications.

Does the workspace fail when writing? By tp our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

FME and Esri ArcGIS Troubleshooting Guide

Post as a guest Name. This should arcobjectz to export your page layout: Up 0 Down Cancel. You might want to edit your first post to reflect the exact code you are using at this moment, since there might be a line or two we are missing. This page contains a list of these return codes 9.


World files are not generated for page layouts; a referenced data frame must be provided or the export will fail. This should work to export your page layout:.

I have seen that code snippet. A defined color to be displayed as transparent in the image. We also found that it also imports attributes into Microstation with the shapefiles agcobjects you have have a database linkage to the GIS database arcobjectss running in Microstation before starting the MDL application. There are probably options other than the default settings to stroke curves, insert intersection nodes, and so-forth. New Question New Idea.

Steve Kipping over 8 years ago in reply to jameshaneyjr.

Arcobjects SDK C# – Export MXD to PNG | GeoNet

But, working with the CAD data is another story. With the change in procedure, atcobjects was futher decided to move all GIS into a geodatabase to be compatible with our county GIS.

A number that defines the width of the export image in pixels for a data frame export. It supports bit color and is compressed using a lossless compression. The linework will come in at the active Microstation attributes. Converting to Geodatabase Format.



Thanks again for your time, SKK. However, all line work comes back as complex chains with segmented lines, not lines and arcs.

A number that defines the height of the export image in pixels for a data frame export. This is not what we had before. Please use this page to link to the list provided by Esri. The following is a collection of the most common errors. If you were not able to resolve the issue and need further technical support, please contact our support team by completing and submitting this Support Request Form.

The default value is If set to Truea georeferenced world file is created. See the this list of types which are not supported.

If so, is what we are seeing normal or is there some other functionality possible that when exported, all line work would be similar to what we are accustomed to?