For Arx Fatalis on the PC, GameFAQs has 2 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). Universal Hint System hints for Arx Fatalis. The UHS shows you just the hints you need, unlike a traditional walkthrough. RPGDot’s Guide to Arx Fatalis Installation Guide – Arx Valdex Systems Secrets of the Smokies: A Savvy Traveler s Guide (The Savvy Traveler s Guide).

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Start off by heading out of the Sisters of Ederneum establishment, and go towards the Temple of Illusions. You need one or the other. Head upstairs and talk to the man sitting by a table. Adjust the 6 turning plates in room 10 to honor the gods. But before telling you the actual truth, he wants to know if you destroyed gjide meteor. Before you can fatals the stairs to the cave, a strange voice will speak to you.

Start off by rotating like fighters moving around a boxing ring. Put the cast of which weapon you sabre or two-handed sword on the lower slab of the machine.

Arx Fatalis — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

In the first room to gude right 36you find a first Akbaa Meteor, which will be important later on. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. So you will find a chicken 31who is no other than Lord Inut in chicken form if you cast reveal fattalis can see his real form.

After you cross the bridge, go left, and proceed down a few steps. Each lever opens the door opposite to the lever you pressed.

Open it and walk through. So the only option is to leave back to Level 2 through the exit at For any of the cutscene lovers of the game, there’s an observatory in the upper-right corner of the castle that shows a brief scene of what the actual planet earth looks like frozen over.


Apparently, only a certain guardian sent by the Equilibrium Dimension sort of like the good Gods can destroy this meteor to finally end the rule of Akbaa.

There are about 3 on each side, with some doors locked, and some held closed with steel cages. Repeat the strategy until he falls over. She describes the murderer as an one-eyed man; you promise to help, of course.

Very useful later on. From the distance you can already hear a child crying for help.

Arx Fatalis – Walkthrough

As you tell of the unsuccesful attempt to destroy the meteor, Felnor says that only with a powerful artefact you can destroy the meteor, else it does even draw your strength from you and makes Akbaa even stronger. When you level up, you get 1 point for raising attributes and 15 points for raising skills. You have to prepare three instances of the spell, since using the cauldron will render you visible again.

King Lunshire assigns you a new quest immediately and sends you to to the Troll King Pog to give him a letter from Lunshire and ask him to free the passageway. Check the corpse for the “Comunicatum” rune. For the first time, you’re going to face zombies, which are continually rising creatures. They tell you that your mission is to destroy the Akbaa clan, and all of its followers.

Note that there’s also a woman laying on a sacrificial table below the meteor. It is only visible to you. Entrance to the rebel camp Follow the cook, wait till the King eats the pie, then he’ll run out of his room to his toilet in his bedroom!


If performed correctly, a secret doorway will open up that has the ROPE item, and several potions as well. Go back into the castle now and talk to the King and Felnor. Level 5 – The Ylside Bunker Here you have to fight more Ylsides and priests; again, the priest have useful items with them: From the outside in room 17 you can shoot an arrow at this spot and the chest in ratalis is open now, holding a golden serpent. If this is done correctly, the gate to tomb 1 1 and 12 opens, where you find the Shield the of the Elder.

You can also find some runes and some ingredients to make you own potions here. Go through the newly opened tunnel, and head left down to Level 8.

As fagalis can see, there’s blood everywhere, along with guts, and things of that sort. The Captain wants you to go tell the King that Ortiern has been attacked, and needs reinforcements immediately. Use the lever, and go upstairs to the next level. If you speak with her, she’ll tell you that her daughter, Shany remember the little brat from before?

There’s a sign designating its presence. If you come into the Ylside bunker to the end of the game, you find, they have sacrificed the bard guuide the castle in their training room Level 5, room You must talk to the King to find out what happened. Level 8 is home of the dwarves, well, before they got eaten.