There are 10 sefirot, linked in a complex figure that some have called the “Tree of Life sefirot As you can see from the diagram, the attributes of God are highly. Kabbalah: The 10 sefirot. A Kabbalistic concept explaining the multiplicity of God’s manifestations in the world helps us see how God is truly. If your browser cannot read Image Maps, you may access the files via the following menu: Ein Sof, the Unknowable Infinite · Keter, the Divine Crown · Hokhmah.

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Chokhmah heads the right zefirot of the tree, metaphorically speaking the “Pillar of Mercy”, associated with the Hebrew letter Shin, the fire element, and the male aspect. We learned that the sins of one who repents from fear become mere mistakes.

The first exertion, which is defined as the second stage of the will. And not all who wish to take the Lord may come and take.

The Ten Sefirot: Introduction

Yet, this sefjrot only to those who are half unworthy and half sefiort. There was no discrimination in grades between the Light and its vessel or receptacle, for all was unity, as taught above; that is, “He is One and His Name is One. In the 16th-century rational synthesis of Sefiot ben Jacob Cordovero Cordoveran Kabbalahthe first complete systemisation of Kabbalah, the sefirot are listed from highest to lowest: This is because It is extended from the Substance of the Creator and has the same tranquil static nature.

The reason is that the Light of the Upper Wisdom is extended to Israel through this Light of Mercy, appearing and clothing in this Light of Mercy, which Israel cez. Although a diversity of phase exists, in the form of a will to receive, which is comprised in the Endless, nevertheless it does not execute any cleavage between the Vessel and Its Light, seforot They are in absolute, simple unity.


Retrieved from ” https: Thus, their Torah becomes a potion of death for them. This means that through the appropriate labor, where one first delves into the Torah of the hidden, he is thus granted the revealed Torah, the literal. If a certain spiritual entity happens to acquire a supplementary phase which is different from its original one, then immediately there is a transformation, a new phase is entered upon by the spiritual entity.

This is what the author means, when he states: It is impossible to acquire any of them before one acquires the first attribute of conditional love. It is the emanated being, receiving its abundance or substance necessary for life from the Emanator.

Instead, as it is written in the above study: One parable to explain this is the difference between the “Ma’Ohr” “Luminary”-Divine essence and the ” Ohr ” “Light” He emanates, like the difference between the single body of the sun and the multiple rays of sunlight that illuminate a room.

Moreover, even with the innovations that appear in this world today, each novelty must first appear Above, in the world of Atzilutand from there hang down and appear to us in this world. You have already been fully instructed on the point that similarity or equality of phase engenders the unity of spirits, and therefore likeness of phases unites all worlds with their Origin.

Thus, understanding His Providence is the reason for every good, and the lack of understanding is the reason for every bad.

Sefirot – Wikipedia

But the drawback is that they cannot permanently remain in their degrees, since standing permanently in a degree is possible only through repentance from fear. For example, take a merchant who made a deal and gained a large sum, even though the profit will come to him after a long time.


Indeed, great depth is required here, for the words cannot be understood superficially. He says that one who performs one Mitzvaimmediately sentences to a scale of merit, for he is judged by the majority.

In adopting this name of “endless” therefore, we must bear in mind that usually a name hints at or instructs as to the idea we are trying to refine. How is the wisdom of Torah different from the other teachings in the world, which do not require this asceticism and sorrowful life, but the labor itself is enough to acquire those teachings?

Sefirot – Wikiwand

And it is to the contrary with the Taamim of the Torah, where all who attain them receive this great reward for disclosing them to others. Spiritual distance has been explained earlier.

If sffirot performs one Mitzvahappy is he, for he has sentenced himself to a scale of merit. In the Yosher scheme, Divine principles are described through the soul faculties of Man, with Binah-Understanding and Malkuth-Kingship-Shechinah-Indwelling Divine Presence, encapsulating the Divine Feminine in Creation, the principle of receiving, nurturing and pregnant internalization.

Gabbai, Meir ben Ezekiel Ibn. This is because the Light in it is clothed in the clothing of the Creator — the Holy Names and the Sefirot. We learn from this that his recipiency was actually bestowal, and dea was valid.