QR code for Šolski astronomski atlas. Title, Šolski astronomski atlas. Author, José Tola. Translated by, Mirjam Galičič. Publisher, Tehniška založba Slovenije. Iz kartografije se je naziv atlas prenesel tudi na druga področja, kjer atlas pomeni zbirko slik (na primer anatomski atlas, astronomski atlas, zvezdni atlas, atlas. Get this from a library! Šolski astronomski atlas. [José Tola; Mirjam Galičič; et al].

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Odlucili samo da ovde ubacimo stranice sa odnosnim linkovima iz sajta SEDS http: Mars sample return to Earth. This includes deepsky, Messier and spacecraft images, as well as asronomski articles.

Školski astronomski atlas – Knjizara MI

Atlas Objects Odpre se seznam kategorij objektov. Sledi pregled linkova koje preporucuju poznatiji astronomski sajtovi.

Deep sky astronomy software for star charts with 25 million stars and 1. The electronic form takes advantage of zooming and selection of objects to be displayed or not — possibilities which are not available to paper.

Meteorites from Mars – astronomwki stranica o meteoritima sa Marsa atlas Choose from a list of feature names. The Mars Surveyor Lander also was to carry a rover named “Athena” capable to travel tens of miles, which may now be cancelled for administrative budgetary reasons.

Atlas Objects Opens a list of object categories. All images can be downloaded any time for update purposes.

Noordung center

A star chart can be saved to external memory card for documentation purposes, such as websites or blogs. The electronic form takes advantage of zooming and selection of objects to be displayed or not — possibilities which are not available to paper. Sojourner was released to the Martian surface on July 6, and started investigating the Martian rocks and soil around the landing site.


It includes Meade Telescope Control among dozens of other functions. Mars Surveyor Orbiter. Mutual events such as occultations and umbral eclipses can be shown in graphical form as well. Reached Mars and successfully entered Mars orbit on September 11, ; uses aerobraking for achieving the low Mars orbit atlsa for the intended orbital investigations of the Red Planet, to begin in early Dotaknite kategoriji za ogled na voljo predmete.

May be part of Mars Together program. It gives the feel of being on the surface of Mars. It is currently extremely doubtful if this mission will actually take place. The spacecraft is also to serve as communications relay for Mars Surveyor and possibly landers.

Astronomy Software

Nasa announced evidence Launch Sequence of all historic Mars missions and scheduled launch dates for future missionswith links to spacecraft images and webpages Mars Today: Categories which contain a large number of objects are assigned a submenu tap on screen’s menu button which allow to narrow down by various criteria depending on the nature of the category. Toggle navigation Midnight Kite. The lander itself, like the Climate Orbiter, should study Martian weather and climate effects, as well as perform soil investigations.

Orbiter and several landers to be confirmedto be launched with a Russian Proton rocket. Stellarium Mobile Sky Map. Star Tracker – Mobile Sky Map.

The penetrators are to be released prior to landing, fall through the Martian atmosphere, and should penetrate the Martian surface also in the South polar region to provide data from subsurface see below. Please also consider Asteria Coeli, the latest astronomical atlas software containing all functions in this Sky Atlas, plus much more – and is cheaper. Mars Surveyor Rover links: The star chart is plotted on equatorial coordinates.



astfonomski It consisted of an orbiter to survey Mars from orbit, two landers and two penetrators, and astronomaki instruments from 22 countries. Planet-B image [k gif] ; Planet B Mars orbiter homepage Mars Climate Orbiterpreviously named Mars Surveyor Orbiter or Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor MVACSwas successfully launched on December 11, by a Delta II launch vehicle, and is to be inserted into Mars orbit on September 23,and to use aerobraking for lowering its initial x 39, km orbit to 90 x km on November 22,which should then be changed to an almost circular km Polar orbit.

The last regular data asttonomski occurred on September 27, and a last signal was received on October 7,then contact was lost, perhaps because of battery failure partially due to falling temperatures at the landing site. When scheduled for launch in Julyit was to fly by asteroid McAuliffe and Comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura, and also flyby Mars on April 18,mainly for gravity assist, and use this opportunity to photograph and study the planet and perhaps one of its moons.

This includes deepsky, Messier and spacecraft images, as altas as astronomical articles.


Mnenja Pravilnik o mnenjih. The star chart is plotted on equatorial coordinates. Lander will contain imaging system and various instruments to study radiation and soil.