Narrative perspective in “A Castaway” and “Jenny” elicit a kind of sympathy and pathos through monologues in which the characters ultimately, resignedly give. Human Tigresses, Fractious An- gels, and Nursery Saints: Augusta. Webster’s A Castaway and Vic- torian Discourses on Prostitution and Women’s Sexuality. Because Augusta Webster’s poetry involves explicit cultural critique, For instance, Webster’s dramatic monologue “A Castaway,” written in the voice of a kept.

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What purpose is served by the speaker’s allusion to her face as appropriate for that of a painting? Can uagusta think of a reason for this? For the world would not have that flight known.

Does this poem seem to center on character revelation or social criticism? How does she describe the visitors, and to what extent do her charges fit the original story? This page was last edited on 2 Septemberat I had not felt my own life that punctilious copy-book, writ to stock patterns set to all a school, I have called usual lives, but my poor Madge has unawares informed me of myself.

Do I not know this, I like my betters, that a woman’s life, her natural life, her good life, her one life, is in her husband, God on earth to her, and what she knows and what she can and is is only good as it brings good to him?

Augusta Webster

Could it refer to other forms of love than that of parent for child? Oh God, do I not know it? One of the most obvious problems they address is the role of women in Victorian society.


Would the poem’s likely readers have identified with this past? What if he gave as to a whining wretch that holds her hand and lies? Rossetti’s “The House of Life” auguata.

And I augustz death, the dreadful foul corruption, with who knows what future after it. Some evidence suggests that Webster had a particular design in mind for Portraits. Thus castawaay organization of the volume probably influenced some, and perhaps many of its readers.

Well, well, the silly rules this silly world makes about women! Throughout Portraits Webster examines the conditions that constrain human actions in order to temper notions of free choice. This anxious age is driven half mad with work, it bids us all work, work: Is the daughter deluded?

Augusta Webster – Wikipedia

I was not all that then. Why do you think this detail was included? And could I fit me to my former self? And who required it of me? What function is served by laughter throughout the poem? And yet, who knows? What criticisms does the speaker make of those who condemn her?

Sonnets —What comparisons do her happy predictions for her daughter bring to her mind? I could have lived by that rule, how content: She died on September 5,at Are there humorous elements to her account? I have been an alien son, a dronish servant careful of his ease, to the master-Present [. And who would give it me?

Will no one come? What is their theme? I could have been no mother, I, lost then beyond his saving. How might the use of the dramatic monologue form have altered the way in which the audience responds to this poem? What motives may have prompted Webster to consider it unfinished and webstter refrain from publishing it? I could have lived by that rule, how content: Does it concern her daughter?


What is the poem’s verse form? Where are the fires and fevers and the websster And where’s their profit of those prison years all gone to make them wise in lesson books?

Florence Boos: Study Questions, Augusta Webster, “A Castaway”

I, where I am, sinking and sinking; let the wise pass by and keep their wisdom for an apter use, let me sink merrily as I best may. Who says I had my choice? A flowery, sensual name, we wonder if this is in fact a professional alias, one that obscures her true identity but objectifies her and all such women. Would they try to ship us to the colonies for wives?

Only one week more and ‘twould have ended: Merciless, merciless — like the prudent world that will not have the flawed soul prank itself with a hoped second virtue, will not have the woman fallen once lift up herself. I, where I am, sinking and sinking; let the wise pass by and keep their wisdom for an apter use, let me sink merrily as I best may.

In refusing her former lover’s offer of money?