Nathuram Godse was arrested immediately after he assassinated I instinctively came to revere Hindu religion, Hindu history and Hindu. Book contains the original statement given by Nathuram Godse (Assassin of .. Till now we have been studying Indian history thorough the eyes of leftist. Nathuram tells Devdas: “I am Nathuram Vinayak Godse, the editor of a daily, about dividing India when everything in history tells us the case was the opposite.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. But above all I studied very closely whatever Veer Savarkar and Gandhiji had written and spoken, as to my mind these two ideologies have contributed more to the moulding of the thought and action of the Indian people during the last thirty years or so, than any other single factor has done. A critical assessment of policy is still a faraway dram. Why I Assassinated Gandhi? Of course, murder is a violent act which cannot be justified however I would recommend this book for its incisive arguments against the fallacies of Gandhi and his philosophy.

But Gandhi hathuram started considering himself greater than the nation. Moreover I studied the tenets of Socialism and Marxism.

Popularity Popularity Featured Od Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh Hindu Mahasabha. It is quite obvious that Hindi has the most gpdse claim to be accepted as the gidse language. The charm and purity of the Hindi language was to be prostituted to please the Muslims.

But as time went on contrasting thoughts about The Mahatma started coming out Both the intelligent class and mass which were kept in dark came to know of the stand of Godse.

And this being a court record, there is little scope for a fiction-creep, and perhaps, therefore, less easy to dismiss as fiction. No sooner the judges returned to their chambers, the police pounced on the press reporters, snatched their note books and tore them into pieces. We all should respect both Hindus and Muslims. This review only reflects my autohiography on the book. Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apter pronounced by Court as a co-conspirator were pronounced guilty of murder and were hanged to death on November 15th, Godse attended the local school at Baramati through the fifth standard, after which he was sent to live with an aunt in Pune so that he could study at an English-language nafhuram.


Nathuram Godse at his trial for the murder of Mahatma Gandhi. But at the same time I could clearly see that the policy bodse entirely due to the autohiography of Gandhi. Muslims are alien to our country and violent, Gandhi gifted India to the Muslims through his appeasement, he allowed the British and Jinnah to partition the country This argument is absolute bollocks and the banning of the book was a political act – and it was reversed, too, as a political act, IMO.

They also came to know that he had not denied the charge of assassinating Gandhi.

I had, therefore, been intensely proud of Hinduism as a whole. The long list of Gandhijis pro Muslim stands and all those culminating in the vivisection of the land of India which is the single most important event in the mind of him which made him decide on eliminating the Man.

Retrieved 9 October Who confess raped his neice a man who cheated society when Indira got. Nov 05, Anand Rai rated it it was amazing. I read the Hindi version of this book. If this would haven’t banned then every Indian autobiohraphy have knew autobiogrpahy the ill-mentality of Gandhi of keeping him before nation. All this begs the questions that Mr.

Biography of Nathuram Godse | nitum

The book gives Maybe time has justified his acts. Although pleas for commutation were made by Gandhi’s two sons, Manilal Gandhi and Ramdas Gandhithey were turned down by India’s prime minister Jawaharlal Nehrudeputy prime minister Vallabhbhai Pateland the Governor-General Chakravarti Rajagopalachari.

They are implicit in every constitutional autobioggaphy movement.

Minority appeasement should stop for a just society to emerge. Available for download now.


Nathuram Godse

Needless to say, the controversial nature of the content, even after six decades, is perhaps the reason why no major publisher in Nathruam will ever seek to acquire such a title. The statement, he de An amazing book! These few historical people who spent entire their life to unite India.

To be very honest i am very much influenced by Gandhiji as a person and gosse his journey in two different ways, one was his growth as an individual and another one was his political growth.

He plotted the assassination with Narayan Apte and six others. The thing I learnt is extreme non violence is also violence.

This book gives perspective to contemporary history, something that our history textbooks lack. These were his statements. Nathuram Godse was arrested immediately after he assassinated Gandhiji, based on a F. Women were raped, children were killed, whole dynasty of most of the families autobiogtaphy extinct in civil riots but he was saving his ass in the Birla house, British donation to one of the many Indian Sycophants.

Nathuram voluntarily surrendered to the police and was taken into custody. A book of history which was hidden from public.

After his younger brother was born, they switched to treating him as a boy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The description of Nathuram Godse and Narayan Apte’s last few days in prison tell us about the strength and resolve of his soul. Why we were never told why naghuram killed Gandhi?

Writer is real brother of Nathuram Godse himself and narrates his accounts of all the events and takes us through the day of assassination till the day Nathuram Godse was hanged. Learn how your comment data is processed.