Below you find a list of all the tools that belong in the Goulden Tool Group in Optuma. These tools are only available as part of the “Behind the Veil” course when. BEHIND THE VEIL by Dr. Alexander Goulden: Business Library on How To Earn Money Statistics: 1 Post || 15 View The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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In effect, it is the task of the analyst to identify and harness the fractal replications of a supervenient order. Till that hour, when crushed and riven That sorrow once destroyed his reason.


Hats off to you guys writing to the forum-brilliant!!! Thanks for the course and your great replies on the Forum. On a headland hoar and riven I had fixed thee lonely seat, He has been driven by grief to dwell in a desolate place.

Yet, amid that might and splendor Which my spirit overawed, He thinks his Guide is Deity. I got a lot of research mileage out of this area and built out several Excel sheets to support the various methods and formulae. But he can present it in on price charts with lines etc. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil. Over foulden comes all the recollection of the Past.

Behind the Veil, by James De Mille

Goulden has completed the first of what will be a series of courses presenting new and powerful Gann orientated trading techniques, called Behind The Veil. Thanks for a great book! The tools in this book serve to unveil the workings of this mass sympathetic resonance, and give corrective techniques that allow the aware trader to adjust his trading style so as to avoid the pitfalls of consensual trading.

Through this search we have been fortunate to find a few individuals who have agreed to help their fellow traders by sharing their most useful techniques that have allowed them to become successful in forecasting and trading the markets.

Apr 21, 23 0 So I strove to stop and stay her, And with vehement sorrow torn— Shaped all thought to one strong prayer— Forcing all that thought before her, by a passionate force upborne; But ’twas all as though some night-bird strove to stay the march of Morn. There is no assurance that the strategies and methods presented in this book will be successful for you.

I think that it is value for the money in the respect that it certainly makes you think while also giving methods which will be useful. I am very happy that he has agreed to this, since the interactions on our Online Forums often provide for some of the most engaging discussion, and lead to further discoveries through the conjoined thought of the group, making them an entertaining and invaluable resource.


Very concise but not lacking in detail. Through our discussions with numerous professional traders, we have identified the most fundamental necessities required to achieve the essential goal of making consistent profits in the markets. Church of the passage from Plato Apologia 22 B quoted on the poem’s title page: Goulden informed me of his success in penetrating some of the deeper and more complex theories of Gann, and we discussed the possibility of, at some time in the future, working together to bring out some of his breakthroughs and his most applied trading techniques to my private list of serious and metaphysically oriented Gann researchers and traders.

I fully recommend everyone buy a copy of this book and implement the strategies immediately – preferably in my primary markets. There is no assurance that the strategies and methods presented in this book will be successful for you.

Did either of you get a reply? Some of these are more practical traders who have not deeply penetrated the greater mysteries of esoteric market theory, but have instead developed simple applied tools which anyone can understand and use without much difficulty. Result – there was a spike low on 24 August, followed by a point rally in 7 trading days.

An apparently related site, the Institute of CosmoEconomics, seems to similarly not be an institute or be about economics — at least in the classical sense. On December 5 thOil made a bottom followed by a point rally in 6 days.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden | Trade2Win

It is somewhat universally agreed upon by successful traders that if you know WHEN to take your positions, WHERE to enter and exit your trades to maximize profits, as well as where to place your stops so as to limit your risk without getting knocked out gouldrn your positions, and HOW to determine the nature of the ensuing trend, that you will be successful in your trading endeavors.

The description on the Sacred Science website uses highly esoteric language, suggesting that there is some cosmic secret that you will attain by reading it. Oct 10, 1 0 But, with larger love and patience, She attained a loftier height, And with grander aspirations She outsped my feebler strivings, entering into purer light, Joined in a divine communion with Intelligences bright.

Alexander Goulden, a Cambridge educated scholar of esoteric sciences, ebhind has dedicated his life to the research and study of behnid deepest cosmological and metaphysical principles.

I hope I can contribute some useful answers or inquiries as so many of the course participants have thus far. Then I thought, with stern persistence, It were better far to die Than prolong a wrecked existence With a yearning deep and sleepless, and a grief without a cry, With the longing and the craving of a voiceless agony.


Gann and Goulden enthusiasts should take a look at this version of the Goulden Gann Box. I myself have spent thousands of dollars in the past on trading courses and have come to the conclusion that there are plenty of ripoffs out there. Joy arises, but the highest joy is union with the Infinite.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

The software is amazing and very helpful for gouldeb who hasn’t studied this material as extensively as others. And I mourned, as mourns some straying Child on public pathway thrown, Who, all passers-by surveying, Through his tears, beholds no visage which unto his sight is known,— So I mourned, in that vast concourse, feeling desolate and lone: Then a sudden sharp convulsion Seized me with resistless might, Till before that fierce compulsion His soul departs from its body.

And I was moved, as moves some friendless Stranger in some city cast, Where, in countless throngs and endless, All the multitudinous hosts of people hurry swiftly past, And he moves along unnoticed ‘mid that concourse wide and vast. The examples presented in this book are for educational purposes only.

Alex has been very generous with his time and his answers in the Forum are timely and detailed. Again, any experienced trader will tge that if they find even one technique in this course that identifies for them a couple of trades that they otherwise would have missed, the course will pay for itself, and probably many times over.

But as fortune would have it, we have found a researcher and trader who has stepped forward and agreed to share his vveil insights and powerful techniques with our small, specialized Gann community.

This stuff is really cool!! It’s amazing how many things I used to think had been a colossal waste of time turn out to have been not a waste at all!

I have very much enjoyed your book and am looking forward to expanding my knowledge in these beind, which I am very interested in, and to applying your methods to the markets.

I look forward to enjoying so much more that you are planning to offer.