By John Horn, Ph.D. and Heather E. P. Cattell, Ph.D. Raymond Bernard Cattell, who died at his home in Honolulu on February 2, , must rank among the. Raymond Bernard Cattell (March 20, – February 2, ) was a Influenced by the work of Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman (who was. Personalidad de. Raymond Bernard. Cattell. Dr. Gonzalo Adán. UIB. sobre todo a partir de su teorías sobre la personalidad. Autor o . Trayectoria y biografía.

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He also brought the methods of Wilhelm Wundt and Francis Galton back to the United States, establishing the mental testing efforts raymonr the U. Their Structure, Growth and Action.

James McKeen Cattell

Cattell found that constructs used by early psychological theorists tended to be somewhat subjective and poorly defined. An application of the Schmid-Leiman orthogonalisation procedure. During that time, he did much to promote psychology as a science by seeing to it that empirical studies in psychology were prominently featured in the journal. Several forms of the 16PF have been produced—some for different language and culture groups, and some for poor readers. But take a moment to consider these questions:.

In order to apply factor analysis to personality, Cattell believed it was necessary to sample the widest possible range of variables.

Raymond Cattell – Viquipèdia, l’enciclopèdia lliure

Multivariate Behavioral Research,19pp. Stanley Hall professorship in psychology became available at Clark University inCattell was recommended by Biogeafia and was appointed to the position. The whole family shared in Cattell’s editorial work. A New Morality from Science: Concepts and methods in the measurement of group syntality. He clarified his theory of fluid versus crystallized intelligence, which he presented at the APA convention. Multivariate Behavioral Research,19 They had three daughters and a son.


Personality and Individual Differences, 18 4 It has been said “Raymond Cattell can write faster than I can read. Together, they comprise caytell, or “general intelligence. InCattell moved to Hawaii, largely because of his love of the ocean and sailing. Yet, it must boografia be understood that Cattell was proposing an alternative to war and violence to solve conflict:.

Raymond Cattell

Crystallized intelligence is possibly more amenable to change as it relies on specific, acquired knowledge. The partnership between Wundt and Cattell proved highly productive, as the two helped to establish the formal study of intelligence. In his spare time, he continued to raynond books and articles in psychological journals practically until his death.

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Raymond Cattell was born on 20 March in Hill TopWest Bromwich, a small town in England near Birmingham where his father’s family was involved in raymondd new parts for engines, automobiles and other machines. Clinical Analysis Questionnaire Manual. He stated that in the cultural upheaval after WWI, he felt that his laboratory table had begun to seem too small and the world’s problems so vast. Cattell was also much criticized for his idea that morality is branch of natural science and that evolutionary ethics provides the “true universal morality,” and that religions —in particular Christianity—have uncritically and falsely failed to recognize this.

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Contents 1 Life 2 Work 2.

Thorndike offered Cattell a research associate position at Columbia Ee. I have lived through two major wars first hand. HonoluluHawaii, United States. One of Cattell’s landmark achievements was his great ability to work with students and other colleagues and inspire them to great research on an international scale. Multivariate Experimental Clinical Research, 10 1 He accepted the offer, expecting to stay ccattell the United States no more than two years.

By contrast, the other is invested in particular areas of crystallized skills which can be upset individually without affecting the others. In other projects Wikiquote. As noted above, Cattell made many important innovative contributions to factor analytic methodology, including the Scree Test to estimate the optimal number of factors to extract, [35] the “Procrustes” oblique rotation strategy, the Coefficient of Profile Similarity, P-technique factor analysis, dR-technique factor analysis, the Taxonome program, as well the Rotoplot program for attaining maximum simple structure solutions.

A large-scale cross-validation of second-order personality structure defined by the 16PF.