You are passing a float value to scaleTo attribute. The scaleTo attribute expects an integer value. I will also suggest not to use flash format for. scaleTo in cfchart not working ColdFusion CFCHART Pie Chart Data Label Position . cfchartseries does not match current parent item cfchart error. cfchart name=”myChart” format=”jpg”> Your problem is probably with resolution of the path to the image. try an absolute path .

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Hence CF is converting the value to the float.

Questions tagged [cfchart]

I’ve been working on tracking down some funkiness with cfcharts. I have a dataset that basically consists of snapshots – so we have snapshot dates, and then corresponding scores. ColdFusion initially stores the number as a string. I am having an issue on a page that creates 6 charts and cdchart them as images on the server.

CFChart not working!! Please Help! – Coldfusion Flash Integration

Although you can create the exact same chart over and over, it never really uses the previous chart its suppose to, it keeps creating new ones. The CF process went from 1GB physical RAM to over 2GB after a couple hours of just me refreshing the page – after rebooting it from when it crashed earlier for the same reason! I also suspect that there may be a memory leak in the jvm heap related to all of this.

I’m trying to improve the execution time of one of my reports which uses cfcharts to print graphs. I am using the WebCharts3D interface to create and modify charts, and then using the generated XML style as an in-line style in my Coldfusion code. The code itself is a loop of entities and for each entity I create a chart it’s a comparison report The data comes from a query and works correctly if there is more than on series on the chart.

  AEG MR 4104 PDF

Generate the PDF file. The problem was with the IIS connector. If I set the chart to any sort of image, I get that red-X since it can’t find the image. Gurpreet Randhawa 1 2 Like I said, it worked for me so something is different on your end. My cfchart loop is just javascript reloading the page, so there’s never a build up of requests, and no one else is using the dev server. I am on Coldfusion 10 so this is using the newer ZingChart engine.

Reloading the page constantly ate away at the server’s memory.

How to link each part of a pie chart to a specific URL? The time-to-idle will still delete the ones on disk at that amount of time, even if Cache Type is Memory.

So many other options they could have chosen. I wonder if the type of charts matters?

Any help would be highly appreciated. Email Required, but never shown. SantoshDahifale, check out the update. You are passing a float value to scaleTo attribute. The query that Leigh provided worked, but for some reason, when I replaced the names of the rows and columns to change the query from Cost Per Click to Cost per Registration and My boss is at the breaking point with all this.

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Brad 4 11 Sorry for late reply, DanBracuk without cfdocument it works fine. Cfhcart tried this on CF11 32bit and 6bit both having same issue. I restarted the CF service for good measure and ran my cfchart script. I am using coldfusion Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Tushar Bhaware 2, 1 13 Also, if you’re running a big iin, it might not have time to do a garbage collection.

Ehcache has a setting called ” timeToLiveSeconds “, but it doesn’t do what you think it does. My chart worked perfectly fine in CF9. I am using cfchart and I cannot figure out how to get the Y-Axis to only show on the right side.

You can’t set a custom Disk cache location. Same error message or the chart isn’t visible? Timothy Ruhle 2, 8 32 I will also suggest not to use flash format for chart. Thanks for reply, Its been some time but I’ll try your suggestion.

For more on resolution issues see my post on Network address resolution and Cfdocument. Gaurav S 5 Update 4 just came out today, I don’t think it fixes some of my issues, but maybe its better since they did address some Chart issues. Brandon Allison 30 8. You will also save yourself headaches by simply using the file method to include any resources into your PDF file.