Using Cicero’s letters to his good friend Atticus, among other sources, Everitt recreates the fascinating world of political intrigue, sexual. Cicero by Anthony Everitt, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. In the introduction to Cicero, author Anthony Everitt laments the Perhaps the greatest measure of the success of Everitt’s book—as much a.

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Ultimately, this attribute is what makes the story so enjoyable. This book is unafraid to take on Cicero’s personal shortfalls – principally, his vanity, occasional lack of courage, and apparent neglect of his family life – but makes a convincing case for his reput Above all, this is a good window into a short but important slice of Roman history. In the end, he wound up on the wrong side of Marc Antony and was killed.

“Cicero” by Anthony Everitt |

Everitt combines a classical education with practical expertise. The political motivations of Cicero and his political colleagues were fascinating. Eveeritt young consul was therefore suddenly faced with a life or death crisis: The overthrow of the Republic was one of the most troubled in history and Cicero was one of the greatest in history.

We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. He favored not monarchy nor oligarchy nor democracy, but a combination of all three. I persevered reading the rather small type because I wanted to know more about Cicero, considered one of the great writers and players in antiquity. Anthony Everitt has done just that, sympathetically and very well.


Jun 18, Sheryl rated it really liked it. Within the culture, religion, personal preferences, economy, political policies, speeches, personal lives, food, and building layouts, Everitt shows Cicero to be a complex and moral man if perhaps not always a politically effective one. Cicero had reached the heights of office when he became consul in 63 B. Anthony Everitt’s biography paints a caustic picture of Roman politics–where Senators were endlessly filibustering legislation, walking out, rigging the calendar and exposing one another’s sexual escapades, real or imagined, to discredit their opponents.

This is an excellent book that everktt the reader eager to find out more. View Full Version of PW. Exactly how remains unclear. Cicedo important, Everitt portrays Cicero as a man born at the wrong time. But compared to the relative chaos that was Ancient Rome, he stands almost as a beacon.

I found it the most wonderfully written and perfectly paced book I’ve read or reviewed in ages. We know so much about him, thanks to the happy chance which has seen so much of everity correspondence preserved, that it is possible to write the sort of biography of Cicero that one might write about someone from, say, the nineteenth century.

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Would you like to tell us about a lower price? And it was precisely this wavering which put his life at risk several times. So, cucero I started this biography, about a man who lived almost years before that, I was surprised at the amount of information about his childhood, first court cases, and his wives, to name a few subjects.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. At the same time, she was transforming an innocent object of female adornment into a devastating weapon.


“Cicero” by Anthony Everitt

Everitt does a pretty good job but, occasionally, I was bewildered the sheer amount everith information that he was cramming into each section. And indeed, over the last two millennia there have been countless attempts to cicerk his life-story, in whole or in part.

Everitt paints a comprehensive picture of Cicero’s life at least, as comprehensive as possible given the sometimes sporadic record of his lettersand adequately places him in the context of the events of his day.

Anthony Everitt’s biography of Marcus Tullius Cicero is an enjoyable book to read. But his Cicero turns out to be a droning bore: Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of But, it is also a byproduct of communication limitations of the day.

The ciero portrait eeritt of Pompey the Great, carried in his triumphal procession through Rome in 61 BC, would in time be taken as an omen of his death: Antony was not amused. Paperbackpages.

A legion was despatched to deal with them — Catiline died in battle early the next year; the remaining conspirators in Rome were rounded up and, after a heated discussion in the Senate, were put to death without trial everktt an emergency powers decree.

I like the way he capitalizes titles. Congratulations on spotting a real winner. The reader follows Cicero’s career as he climes the cursus honorum. Jan 07, Karl H.