Ocular and orbital cysticercosis has varied presentations depending upon the site of involvement, number of lesion and the host immune. Ocular cysticercosis may be extraocular (in the subconjunctival or orbital tissues) or intraocular (in the vitreous, subretinal space, or anterior. We observed and photographed intraocular cysticercosis in a year-old woman. . 24Moragrega, E.A. Diagnostico de cisticercosis ocular con ultrasonido.

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This is a preventable and an eradicable disease [ 1 ] that currently affects more than 50 million people in the entire world, of which thousand live in Latin America [ 2 ] is internationally accepted that the onset of epilepsy, intracranial hypertension or headache of unknown cause in a person originating, visitor or in contact with another person from an area where Oculsr solium is endemic suggests considering the diagnosis of NCC.

Under conventional surgical procedures by sclerotomy exactly over the ochlar cyst localized by scleral depression under indirect ophthalmoscopy, other authors also obtained successful surgical removal of subretinal cysticerci including patients with an associated csticercosis retina detachment with extensive gliosis, fixed folds, focal retinitis, and multiple subretinal precipitates specially near to the cyst but fatal results in patients presenting multifocal intraocular cysticercosis and severe NCC even in the non-pork eaters is obtained.

As long as the cyst is live, the anterior chamber reaction is absent or minimal. Cysticercosis as a cause of medial rectus myositis have been reported by others [, – ] most of patients presented headache, orthotropia in primary gaze, painful drooping of the eyelid, decrease visual acuity, and on examination of the ocular motility, abduction deficit with the resulting horizontal diplopia is found.

Another two patients from our series presented horizontal diplopia secondary to abducens palsy, headache and chronic seizure disorder came to Neurology clinic and CT scans of the brain confirmed intraventricular NCC 2 and subarachnoid NCC 1in both patients ELISA tests for serum antigen and Western blot were positive for T solium.

Freely mobile live cysticercus in the anterior chamber associated to NCC in patients complete asymptomatic has been reported in the medical literature. The cyst can be removed through the choroidal incision with gentle pressure on the globe. Infestation of the ocular adnexa is probably through the anterior ciliary arteries. Treatment of Posterior Segment Cysticercosis Untreated intraocular cysticercosis incites severe ocular inflammation, more so when the cyst dies.

Cysticercosis of the eye

If your patient complains of diplopia on looking in one diagonal direction, it is either the same-sided and oriented rectus muscle or the other-sided oppositely-oriented oblique muscle; e. The depressing action of the superior oblique making the eye look down towards the mouth is most effective when the eye is in an adducted position.

It is the mucous membrane that lines the csticercosis surface of the eyelids palpebral conjunctiva and cisticercosix anterior aspect of the globe bulbar conjunctiva. Edited by Humberto Foyaca Sibat.


When this tumor spreads to the orbit, the orbital metastasis is likely to be the first indication of the cancer and up to only a few cases were reported. The differential diagnosis of orbital cysticercosis includes idiopathic myositis, tumours or metastasis, ocilar abscess or haematoma, and other parasitic infections like hydatid cyst. Angotti-Neto et al [ ] reported a year-old Brazilian female patient with extraocular muscle enlargement and a small cystic lesion near the insertion of the superior rectus muscle treated with oral prednisone for almost one year due to a non-specific inflammation of oculqr orbit diagnosis later confirmed as superior rectus muscle cysticercosis.

Medial rectus cysticercosis must be distinguished from internuclear ophthalmoplegia INOcaused by lesions in the medial longitudinal fasciculus. The age of the patients, clinical features of the orbital lesion, presence of other metastatic lesions, epidemiological features of cysticercosis, CT scans, oocular ultrasonographic studies are elements that allow you to make a certain diagnosis.

They comment that the cyst through one of these perforations can escape into the vitreous cavity and the detached retina continues to shrink cistciercosis increasing gliosis and vitreous becomes progressively hazy which becomes totally impenetrable with massive exudation then the parasite cannot be located.

Cysticercosis of the Eyelid

Only a few cases about cysticercosis resulting in glaucoma due cisticercosia pupillary block have been reported. Embed this code snippet in the HTML ocullar your website to show this chapter. The intraocular location of the cyst can cause retinal detachment, macular scarring, retinal vasculitis and xisticercosis [ ] and usually affects young patients unilaterally. The portal of entry of the parasite into the anterior chamber has not been well documented although some author refers that the cyst may enter the anterior chamber either from the posterior ciliary arteries or from the angle.

Optic nerve compression by the cyst may be associated with decrease in vision and disc edema [18]. Viscoexpression of large free floating Cysticercus cyst from the anterior chamber of the eye by double incision technique.

Management of Subretinal Cysticercosis – American Academy of Ophthalmology

In this series of patients because of the severity of the lesions, surgical removal, although partly successful, did not improve vision and cistucercosis distribution of the cysts in the various structures of the eye was similar to cases reported in the literature.

Lack of inflammation occurs with both healthy cysticerci vesicular stage and those that have involuted inactive disease. The great importance of intorsion and extorsion produced by the two oblique muscles can only be understood cisticercoiss it is considered with regards to the other muscle cisticsrcosis present. The two obliques prevent the eye from rotating about its long axis retina to pupil when the superior and inferior rectus muscles contract.

The superior oblique muscle, or obliquus oculi superior, is a fusiform muscle originating in the upper, medial side of the orbit i. In case of recurrence, repeat CT scan is required, and if there is a cystic lesion, citicercosis repeat course of albendazole and steroid is to be given.


This muscle receives its innervation on its upper surface at the point where it passes beneath the lateral border of the cisticercoxis rectus, approximately 12 mm posterior to the lateral corner of the insertion of the inferior rectus.

Very few cases of optic nerve cysticercosis have been reported in literature [27]. Each orbit is shaped like a pear or a four-sided pyramid, with its apex situated posteriorly and its base anteriorly.

Sonographic diagnosis of orbital cysticercus cyst: Imagenology studies are extremely useful to confirm the final diagnosis. Pars plana vitrectomy is the safest and effective technique to remove the cyst by creating a retinotomy and bringing the cyst into the vitreous cavity. The innervation to cisticercpsis fibrils is thick and heavily myelinated, with a single en plaque neuromuscular junction, whereas the innervation to slow-twitch fibrils is thin, with multiple grapelike clusters of neuromuscular junctions.

Subretinal cyst ocluar to the equator may be removed trans sclerally, whereas subretinal cysts posterior to the equator and intravitreal cysts are best removed transvitreally. It is tested clinically by asking the patient to look laterally.

Hence, when inferior rectus contracts so we look down, superior oblique has also contracted to prevent extorsion of the eye, and when superior rectus contracts so we look up, inferior oblique contracts to prevent intorsion, thus the undesired rotatory actions of the inferior and superior rectus about the long axis of the eye are oculqr out.

In all patients whom we have evaluated, onset was congenital. This is because as the eye is abducted looks laterallythe contribution made by superior oblique to depression of the eye decreases, as the inferior rectus muscle causes this movement more directly and powerfully. Evidence of intestinal Taenia solium is seldom found in human cysticercosis. J Assoc Physicians India. Int J Ophthalmic Pathol. cisticdrcosis

Cysticercosis of the eye

In cases of extraocular muscle involvement Figure 2 superior rectus muscle is the most common site [14]. The majority of patients were female and all were Zulus living in areas of KwaZulu Natal, most of them complained of loss of vision for an average of 3 months.

Cysticercosis is a disease closely related to poverty in general and in particular with a poor personal hygiene and food, socio-cultural factors, environmental, cisticercowis for health in the community, and also very closely related to the hygienic and sanitary conditions of each region.

In places where specialized retinal services are not available, external approach for the removal of sub retinal cyst is used.

Removal of a cyst from the anterior chamber is relatively simple excepting cases pre-existing vitreoretinal-uveal reaction.