Severe pain is unusual and may indicate other complication. Postoperative swelling: Mild swelling normal, esp. if difficult procedure/trauma. Significant swelling. After a tooth extraction if you don’t follow all of the precautions and warnings from your dentist you may get some complications. Sometimes these complications. Venkateshwar GP, Padhye MN, Khosla AR, Kakkar ST. Complications of exodontia: A retrospective study. Indian J Dent Res [serial online] [cited Dec.

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Prevalence, clinical picture and risk factors of dry complicationa in a Jordanian dental teaching center. Aetiology of dry socket: Likewise, patients who are taking aspirin or non-steroidal analgesics tend to have increased bleeding time as well.

This can happen when the tooth is close to the bone because of infection.

Any patient taking anticoagulants like Heparin or Coumadin, or patients who have bleeding disorders, like hemophilia, should give this medical history to the dentist so that they may be aware to help prevent further complications.

In such cases a patient and the dentist are prepared beforehand to manage the situation. If the perforation is big and it does not heal by itself then another surgical procedure is carried out in which tissue graft is used to close the perforation.


Complications with Tooth Extraction –

compliications Donut chart showing a comparison of complications occuring with a high frequency Click here to view. Effect of gender related factors on the incidence of localised alveolar osteitis. Report of a case in the lateral cervical position. Luxation of adjacent teeth, fracture of maxillary tuberosity, and displacement of tooth into adjacent tissue spaces were rare complications. Patil Dental College and Hospital, Dr.

With dry socket a patient may be fine for a day or two after the procedure, and then he has acute pain and becomes very restless. This article has been cited by. If the perforation does occur then the patient should follow certain instructions:.

Articles showing incidence of complications of simple tooth extraction Click here to view. There is no sign exodkntia healing even after 8 weeks of dental treatment in case of osteonecrosis of jaw.

Evaluation of trismus, bite force, and pressure algometry after third molar surgery: Indian J Dent Res ; It is imperative for the clinician to recognize impending complications and manage them accordingly. Distribution of the complications between interns and undergraduates Click here to view.

Anatomic distribution of teeth extracted Click here to view.

If the clot is not disturbed then no complication arises. Peri-operative use of 0.

Complications with Tooth Extraction

Dry socket incidence compared after a 12 year interval. J Oral Maxillofac Surg; The practice of exodontia inevitably results in complications from time to time. Periotome as an Aid to Atraumatic Extraction: A longitudinal prospective study on factors that affect post-operative recovery.


Recovery of a maxillary third molar from the infratemporal space via a hemicoronal approach. Complications following extractions of third molars: A case against medicating post extraction sockets. Excluded and included patients Click here to edodontia. J Am Dent Assoc ; Dentists decide whether to give antibiotics after the tooth extraction or not.

Here is a list eoxdontia a few that may occur. Sinus Perforation during Tooth Extraction: The gums are worn wxodontia and the underlying bone is visible in this condition. In that case perforation occurs.

If one follows the instructions of the dentist after Tooth extraction to take rest and to keep the gauze piece for 1 to 2 hours after the procedure then the problem of bleeding is not there. Identification of the patients at risk.

Risk indicators for extended operation time, postoperative pain, and complications. But sometimes during tooth extraction the piece of the bone comes along with the sinus. Incidence of the complications Click here to view. Accidental displacement of an impacted mandibular third molar: