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To delete a parallel gateway from the Process Map, right click to access the gateway context menu then choose the Delete Parallel option. Now the most important step for inclusive gateways is to add the routing rules.

The process will start by asking what item to buy and adding the price loglcas that item. Sensors Sensors in Monitoring and Control Systems The ProcessMaker engine does not support the execution of a sub-process configured as “asynchronous” after a parallel gateway. To set the default flow, first right click on the gateway and select the option Default Flow and choose an element. Begin by creating a start event, connect it to the first task “Purchase item”then add an inclusive gateway that will select one path among four tasks because of the conditions in the gateway: So the parallel gateway has a task that needs to go through two, three or more task at the same time as shown in the image, the gateway is diverging to three different tasks.

The solution is to move the routing rule for Task 4 to the beginning of the list, so it is evaluated first: The fields “Item to purchase” and “Amount” should be configured to Mode View in the properties of both controls. To modify or delete the routing rule, click over the arrow and the editing options will be enabled.

Fantastico Puertas Xor Compuertas Logicas XOR Y XNOR

For example, the task “Review Order” was set as default, therefore, when right clicking on the gateway and selecting Properties, the routing rule will appear as the default flow and a condition is no longer needed, so the field will be shown as disabled.


The second will have a dropdown control labeled “Approve?

Parallel gateways are different to other gateways, simply because they do not evaluate conditions or events. The purchase of two items lpgicas required but the cost of logivas item needs to be checked before buying them.

Meaning that if working with inclusive gateways, then the diverging and converging xoe must use the same gateway inclusive – inclusive and cannot mix inclusive with exclusive or inclusive with parallel. Test the example one more time by adding an amount greater than fifty. For a more detailed explanation, refer to these pages: It waits until all the parallel paths have been completed before routing to the next activity in the process.

Remember that an exclusive gateway will choose only one alternative path while the inclusive gateway can choose one or more parallel flows based on the conditions given in the properties of the gateway.

Puertas Xnor Compuertas Logicas XOR Y XNOR 74hc

Right click on the first inclusive gateway and set the default flow of the gateway to the task “Review Purchase – Manager”, in case none of the conditions are True. The type of gateway can also be changed by right clicking and selecting the Type option from the gateway context menu. Route to Task 4: Only after completing both parallel tasks it doesn’t matter which is completed firstthe two parallel paths will merge at the converging inclusive gateway, and then the process will move onto the “Operation Send” task.

When the inclusive gateway fulfills its purpose to select which task will follow next, the final step would be to order the purchase of the chosen item and finish the process.

Puertas lógicas

To prove the Gateway to Gateway connection works, several tests need to be made. For example, in following design:. Inclusive gateways tend to be more complicated than exclusive and parallel gateways, therefore, this example will be very detailed.


Route to Task 2: But if a gateway has several input flows and only one output flow then it will automatically be a “Diverging” type gateway. For example, to connect the gateway to a task, click on the task symbol, then drag and drop it onto the Process Map.

Student Activities El trabajo consta de dos partes logiicas a realizar en grupos colaborativos. It is now possible to execute Gateway to Gateway connections, and the following example will demonstrate how to make a connection between an exclusive gateway and an inclusive gateway.

A gateway can be connected to a task, an end event, or to another gateway. To set the routing rules of the gateway, right click on the gateway and select Properties from the gateway context menu.

Sign in to add compuedtas. Take into account that this option is enabled in the gateway context menu only when the gateway has routing rules established in the design when the gateway is connected to other elements in the design. Properties of Matter Differentiate elements, molecules, compounds. The conditions tested are the following:. The Dynaform assigned to the task has a radio group field where the reviewer will choose “Yes” or “No”, and the value will be saved in the variable DocumentationReviewwhich is related to the field.

Finally, the third one will have a dropdown control labeled “Final Approve? Posted By Deleted User July 19, 5: Define the conditions to be evaluated before defining the next task in the flow.


Finally, add a submit button at the end. These are the conditions for each task:.