There is no english version of this book. Language:Chinese,polish,Japan,French ,Viatnamese,Koriean You can Read it by translating in Look For In. Currency Wars written by a Chinese economist Song Hongbing. could be possible to get this Sang Hong Bing (Currency War) the English. In “Currency Wars 2”, Song Hongbing claims a shadowy global elite will introduce a single world currency around , tossing the dollar into.

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This book does contain some Chinese nationalistic perspective towards currency and economy.

Implicit in all the above is that nations have to be prepared to subordinate, to a certain extent, some element of their sovereignty to this world initiative. It refers to the network of the people who currenxy direct, or indirect relatives or family members of one another in the Rothschild pedigree.

The Security Council of the U. Based on a recent survey that I did at ETH Zurich Universitywe analyzed the equity structure of 37 million transnational enterprises and found that of the biggest financial institutes exercise control over 37 million enterprises. Yeah, if this conspiracy theory is correct, hongbung media would never know how much wealth the Rothschilds have accumulated simply because it is kept secret for nearly years.


Books by Song Hongbing (Author of Currency Wars 1)

Only monetary theories or economics are studied. There is Polish translation of the book fortunately and indeed book is excellet and honging details of how Banks and Goverments steal and manipulate us. There could be hundreds of individuals in one family.

They had international banks around Europe such as Germany, France, and England. I believe it was a comment, which would have stirred some constructive and interesting discussion.

Policy on the Economy”. Do you think a private corporation with no oversight will do what is best for humanity—if so you and all that subscribe to such wnglish system are the greatest of religious fanatics, at least religious fanatics place faith in the divine whilst you place faith in flawed humanity.

Here are the quotes relating to the dominance of currency. The Jewish Community could not make interest on another Jew but they could loan to a Christian at interest. July 26, 6: I feel like I have a fan for my blog: The book is said to have been popular among top Chinese officials and financial industry leaders.

Be a global citizen.

October 26, Can you explain why? For a discussion of competitive devaluation, see Currency war.

December 8, 9: Also, it deals with the problem of paper notes as a currency. November 29, 9: This is the mysterious question the author asks.


China bestseller sees plots and profit in financial crisis

The Rothschilds were consultants on the two projects. They also murder their own half-breeds. The rise of Rothschild family begins in when the Battle of Waterloo between England and France ignited. The whole discussion was about that legitimacy of comparing a group of people with a person.

This book cannot be trusted as a fact. I was just glad that I had discovered a common ground of common understanding between us two in the midst of a debate of so much disagreements and discords in personal convictions. By then, none of these countries would start a war and a new united Asia market will also be created. I hate it when people pretend like they are some no-brain, ignorant, asinine beings.

China bestseller sees plots and profit in financial crisis | Reuters

Financial High Frontier Chinese: Now, of course, the Jews cannot let go of our veins, arteries and bank accounts.

Therefore, my central point in all four books is actually the influence that money has on the fate of a country and the world. Currenxy a result, Rothschilds increased their wealth to tremendous amount.