Clockwork by Derdriu oFaolain. Wednesday August 10, at AM. Clockwork by DF (no spelling errors here!!!) updated today! Come and share your . You’ll need to watch your heart. I believe that making readers laugh is much more difficult than making them cry. Derdriu will make you laugh. that both greatly annoys and-even if he won’t admit it-entices Edward Cullen. If only she weren’t trying to destroy him. A collaboration with Derdriu oFaolain.

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I’ve recently discovered Derdriu oFaolain ‘s stories.

It was a provoking gesture, and it took a great deal ofaolian restraint for Bella to resist jabbing her pen into his eye. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: But what an amazingly well thought out and well executed fic. Welcome to my little blog.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Imen Laameri marked it as to-read Sep 06, I know he sketched it in the last chapter but is he just drawing someone else’s invention? Am I missing something?


Here we have a commited friend R. A collaboration with Derdriu oFaolain. Notify me of new posts via email.

The Snooper • “Clockwork” by Derdriu oFaolain (and other

I’m pretty sure Peter is somehow involved, and I think that given the revelations about a “Caius” in this chapter that there is some link to the Volturi. Does somebody know something about this warning? So, enjoy your reading!!!! You can change the past, and you can change the future, but you already have. Hope you’ll find something here! And, of course, I will never stop writing.

Thanks for your comment, Jmolly! She did get the opportunity to read the Temporal Mechanics book, and she understood how the watch worked. Anonymous November 4, at 4: Our friend Niklas is looking for a fanfiction about Harry Potter and Luna. Learn how your comment data is processed.

A Matter of Life and Death

Time loops can create paradoxes, and there are theories that whatever we are now seeing, already happened – because paradoxes can’t exist. She snapped her head back to him, staring directly into his eyes.

Krassy’s Addictions simply my place. Trivia About A Matter of Life Add a Comment 24 Fanfiction. No mature content, except for regular vampire stuff. I am quite happy to say that I really have no idea about what is going on.


Vampward | Krassy’s Addictions

Won’t this story make a great reread! Why is this not marked HEA? Story Story Writer Forum Community. I’m not smart enough to begin to theorize what’s going on.

Vampires like to play with their food. But when she hit his forearm, it felt like she derdruu rammed the heel of her hand into a lead brick. Expectations and Other Moving Pieces by chrometurtle reviews Everything I had done in my life seemed to lead up to this moment. The jury is still out on the wiser part.

Part mystery, part drama, all Edward.