Significado del catéter para los(as) adolescentes en diálisis .. una herramienta útil en el estudio de la tasa de infección y disfunción en dos tipos de en la colocación de catéter de Tenckhoff en pacientes con diálisis peritoneal continua . Introducción La disfunción del catéter de diálisis peritoneal se puede originar for self-locating catheters as compared with other Tenckhoff catheter designs. Adherence to the silicone rubber Tenckhoff catheter has been identified as one factor in the pathogenesis and persistence of these infections. We have studied.

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She had a congenital kidney disease with deformity of the legs and difficulties in walking so Luisa found the clothing she should wear more comfortable for her that the clothing she wore before the catheter. The most common causes of catheter dysfunction were migration 4. Information should not be the traditional one but focused on their fears, concerns, doubts and regarding helpful coping strategies. In patients treated with peritoneal dialysis, constipation can become disfuuncion very difficult problem, and can even reach the point of completely impeding the drainage function of the peritoneal catheter.

Data were collected through two in-depth interviews to each participant.

Catheter meaning for the adolescents in dialysis

With the goal of minimising morbidity catfter associated with this therapy, 13 it is important to take into account patient characteristics that increase the risk of developing complications, making an examination of pre-existing conditions necessary. A longer duration of the surgical procedure was also associated with early complications.

We also observed a significant difference in catheter dysfunction and replacement when an omentectomy was performed. He was very careful in following the staff’s instructions, especially those about the catheter.

The catheter as an obstacle for relating to peers. Therefore, it is a methodology appropriate to study the lived experiences of the adolescent suffering from CRF and having dialysis. Data collection and analysis. Patient and surgical registry characteristics.

Gobierno de Chile, Ministerio de Salud. The majority of patients started on PD within 24 hours of catheter placement, using continuous ambulatory PD with a predetermined infusion volume of cc in all cases. Another complication that did not require catheter replacement was granuloma in the exit site with subcutaneous tunnel tenckhfof in 1.

All study participants, after one year of dialysis, began changing their dressing in order to look more like other adolescents. Fernando’s choice was to abandon the school while he had the catheter.


Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

Comparison of patients with peritoneal dialysis catheter dysfunction and those without. This catetef generated feelings of nullity, sadness and anguish in the male adolescents. Ten patients developed post-incisional hernias during the first year after catheter placement.

The adolescents having hemodialysis spent lots of time in front of the mirror looking at the catheter; by doing that, they realized the dressing and the tape holding and protecting the catheter magnified its size and presence for them and for everybody else.

Patient and surgical registry characteristics. Determine risk factors for early catheter dysfunction that result in the need for replacement. Recently sinceomentopexy has been performed using the same criteria as omentectomy. The second interview took place at the adolescents’ home.

The radiological images presented show the mechanism of action and the mechanical consequences. This dissfuncion reveal suboptimal salvage manoeuvres, such as anti-infection treatment and catheter recovery using fluoroscopic guidance.

Several studies associated complications with different factors including age, gender, diabetes, sepsis, prolonged duration of surgery, and previous abdominal surgery 5, Patricia learned to endure her friends and classmates’ rejection and mocking; regardless Patricia’s insistence, her peers and friends did tenckhofr allow her to share their leisure time and activities. Omental wrapping was a very common cause of catheter dysfunction in our study 3.

The youngsters reacted in different ways to the loss of the entertainment with peers. The peritoneum was exposed using an open surgical technique, and the catheter was placed directly in the pelvic cavity. Constipation can be associated with several different factors, such as a certain degree of intestinal paresis, insufficient mobility, and a diet low in fibre, which is often the result of diets that restrict the intake of fruits, and frequently is a result of the medications administered for concomitant problems.

Lanthanum carbonate and peritoneal catheter dysfunction

The majority of patients started on PD within 24 hours of catheter placement, using continuous ambulatory PD with a predetermined infusion volume of cc disfucion all cases.

It is important health professionals stimulate adolescents to find amusement activities with peers going to the support group meetings. In addition, our results are similar or better than the results from Asian studies involving open tenckhovf in terms of mechanical complications 4,5,8 and even better than results from laparoscopic techniques, 7,9,10 so we have continued to use an open surgical approach.


Our catheter placement technique offers a disffuncion complication rate and good results in the first year after surgery. Each catheter was inserted by mini-laparotomy through a vertical midline infra-umbilical incision of approximately 3cm-4cm.

The linea alba was closed using size 1 polyglycolic acid suture.

Factors associated with early peritoneal dialysis catheter replacement in Veracruz, Mexico

This hard work and daily struggles of the adolescents are unknown for nurses and other health professionals, who because of this lack of knowledge might be too faraway from providing care based on the adolescent’s needs. Nefrologia English Version ; In doing this, each adolescent’s story was written and each interview transcription was read and interpreted in different moments.

We present the case of a patient in which the administration of lanthanum carbonate produced severe constipation and displacement of the catheter to the point where peritoneal dialysis treatment became impossible. In addition, certain patient variables, such as age, BMI, BSA, and surgical aspects, such as wound infection and post-incisional hernia, were associated with early catheter dysfunction and catheter replacementcontrasting with the protective effect of an omentectomy, which reduced the probability of catheter dysfunction.

Each patient was administered cefotaxime 1g intravenously in a single dose for preoperative prophylaxis. Crabtree et al 22 observed that abdominal scarring and previous history of peritonitis did not predict the severity of adherences and should not be used for deciding whether or not to use PD. In particular, Mexico is the country with the highest use of this technique in the world. Demographical data, patient characteristics, surgical records, and catheter complications during the first year requiring catheter replacement were collected and analysed.

Carer’s burden of peritoneal dialysis patients In our study, omentectomy had a protective effect against catheter dysfunction and replacement in both univariate and multivariate analyses, probably due to the reduced rate of obstruction from omental wrapping.

The Journal publishes articles on basic or clinical research relating to nephrology, arterial hypertension, dialysis and kidney transplants. Complications of continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. During the first days of hemodialysis they followed the staff recommendation about wearing high neck T-shirts because they realized it was an excellent way to hide the catheter.