DISOBEDIENCE by hot new talent Naomi Alderman is set to spark controversy. Her debut is about two women who were teen lovers in north London’s orthodox . Editions. Disobedience. Paperback · Disobedience . Naomi Alderman’s The Power wins the Baileys Prize for Women’s Fiction Disobedience, the debut by year-old Naomi Alderman, and in places a deft and intelligent work, is one such book. Its story, set among the.

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The things that shape us and the burdens we carry and the possibility of coming to peace with society and ourselves. At the same time the two women have to decide what to make of their changed statuses in life.

This is Hendon

Dovid sat next to the Rav. Magnificent and thoughtful and complicated—-just like growing up jewish and not entirely straight. A few people turned their heads as they walked past, but no one stopped. Her return to London, however, puts her face to face with circumstances she would rather forget. He is obviously with a woman who is not physically attracted to him and given that they are childless, there is an implication of lack of sex.

It takes place in an Orthodox Jewish community in London, and focuses on the romance between Ronit the rebellious, wayward daughter of a renowned Rabbi who’s recently died and Esti the submissive, conservative housewife who’s miserable from deeply internalizing religious doctrine.

Despite the fact that this book is supposed be about a frowned-upon relationship between two women, I personally wouldn’t classify it an LGBTQ novel at all as the way she dealt with that aspect felt like a complete cop-out to me. When the aron was opened, the Torah scrolls exhaled a fragrant cedar breath into the faces of the congregation, which seemed to rouse him, and he stood.

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What was a shadow? I hope I would have enjoyed it a I’ll begin with a sort of disclaimer. At last, gathering himself, the chazzan began to pray the Mussaf service. He was one of these guys.


It makes me wonder how many people in ultra orthodox communities don’t buy into the whole of it but stay because of the community, fear of starting out on their own or something else. There are some delightfully funny scenes in this novel. By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Really beautifully written and thoughtful. Like the rest, she was puzzled when, after five minutes had passed, Mussaf had not yet started.

Jun 10, Michael Kotsarinis added it. You owe some money? She understands the mechanics of storytelling – each chapter ends leaving the reader wanting to know what happens next – but there is no real life here.

But the real wonder is in Alderman’s capacity for original thinking. One chooses to stay in the Orthodox community and the other leaves.

Alderman was also selected as one of the Waterstones 25 Writers for the Future. Ronit finds herself once more reliving bad times as a guest of the Hartogs. Our words are more than empty disobedidnce, but they are not Torah. The matter was clear. And then I looked for a bit longer, just standing there. The men turned and the women craned.


naomialderman – Disobedience

Esti her best friend growing up decides to stay and marries within the community although she and her husband Dovid are not typical. But where is it?

While Nakmi is at least bisexual, Esti is a lesbian and yet she nnaomi married to a man in a faith that does not recognize her sexuality, and yet she seems in her own way content. Similar to her protagonist Ronit, Naomi Alderman grew up in the Orthodox Jewish community in Hendon before moving to New York, and the novel is about places Alderman is familiar with. A rustle of voices rose up around the synagogue and fell silent. The clumsy synagogue—originally merely two disobedienve houses knocked together and hollowed out—was not designed for this quantity of people.

I hope I would have enjoyed it anyway, because it’s interesting, humorous and well-written, but who knows? It started around 4 stars for me, dropped to 3 stars somewhere in the middle when the repetition got to be a bit much, and ended up around 2 because of how much I hated the ending.