Oct 4, I have heard many Nihangs say that Dusht Daman(Guru Gobind Singh jee’s previous life) were a Rishi but it is not correct Guru jee were a. place hemkunt refers to Dusht Daman jee. Guru gobind singh Ji mentions this place in his composition Bachittar Natak. But it was not until the twentieth century . Let us now briefly examine the veracity of this story [of Dusht Daman]. In order to help the gods in the Satyug, the Aad Shakti (Durga) was tired after killing ten.

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Her father, a fisher-man, laid down the condition that the king could only marry her if any child of this marriage succeeded as the king. The fifth stanza tells that Guru Jee’s heart never wished to come into this world.

Kal Yuga is the Fourth and the Last Yuga. Vichitravirya in turn married the two daughters of king of Kasi, who were named Amvika and Amvalika. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. An island like a mountain submerged in the sea. There are two statements made by the Guru in the above mentioned composition. Its insufficiency over part of the road, is a cumulative emphasis on the danger of descent.

Guru Jee has not used the word ‘Dusht Daman’ for himself. Posted October 5, His desire for her flared, like a forest fire. Sometimes we see some rare kids who are inclined towards Bhagti. He gave example of unseen roo which would drum to indicate different times of the day i gurdwara and people asked him about it and he said it was one of those souls waiting.


Thought may also be of interest:. In this way, Yamuna Satyavatimarried king Santanu. Just now, shastarSingh said:. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Raja Pandu was not a saint, who meditated on God in these mountaneous area. Vidura married dksht daughter of king Devaha, born of a Sudra low caste wife of the king. However, we need to question in order to understand. I start over the slope to my left, willing to risk my limbs in a steep ride that could land me in a gully. The fourth stanza tells that the God was pleased with duusht mother and the father.

These things, O brother, will not help. Xaman is a matter of great regret and humiliation to write that for past about years we have not produced a single scholar to have thought deeply over the metaphors and the similes the Guru gave in just five verses, to have arrived at the correct conclusion.

Dusht Daman -Sri Hemkunt Sahib

Sign In Sign Up. She gave birth to seven children and every time, she took the child and cast it into the river Ganga. Kaur Ji take words of mahapursh. Pandu then became an ascetic and disciple of the Sidhas, who resided in the forests. The way the qc was administered was poor in my opinion as is the dog and pony show to get it removed. damman

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. The word ‘Hemkunt’ has been used in the first stanza. When the body of king Pandu was cremeated, Madri jumped into the fire to be with him.


It clears that all this happened in another kind of world. Have I found the Jewel of Humanity? In this way, five dueht Pandu Brothers were born to king Pandu.

For a ‘Saadhak’, it takes only a second dusgt reach there through meditation. There is the dialogue of the God from stanza 6 to Some wander day and night naked and do not sleep; Some burn the parts of their body in fire and disfigure themselves; The body is like ashes without the Nam of the Lord; What do they say while weeping? Make continence your matted hair, union with God your ablutions.

King Pandu was very much shocked and dejected. You have been gifted the most priceless gift! It should have been gone a long time ago.

Dusht Daman Jee were a Monarch and NOT a Rishi – WHAT’S HAPPENING? – SIKH SANGAT

They were invoked by Kunti and they came to Madri. Later again she invoked Indira and gave birth to a son named Arjuna. Sis would be great if you could find that for me, sounds really interesting.