The EC help provides an easy access to the information related to the use of Keysight EC Network Analyzer. Pressing Help key on the front panel. EB/EB, please see the Programming Manual. • Installation and Quick Start Guide (Part Number: Ex1, attached to optional ABA). This manual . The EC complies with INSTALLATION CATEGORY II as well as The Service Manual is a guide to servicing the EC ENA Series Network Analyzer .

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Press the standby switch of the EC to turn it on. The manual part number changes when extensive technical changes are incorporated.

EC User Manual – EC Network Analyzer from Keysight

RestoreSysCorFile dialog box appears Figure The procedure consists of the following items. Touching the four locations described above with your finger automatically concludes the touch screen calibration. In the next dialog box, input agena in the Name box. Types of system recoveries The following 2 types of system recoveries are available.

The complete process takes less than 5 minutes to finish. Push the button under the lock and remove the hard disk. Instructions contained in the warnings must be followed. In this case, follow the instruction to return to the previous registration screen.

The mark x appears also on the upper right, lower left, and lower right. Factory recovery Returns the contents of the C drive to the factory state.

Reconfiguring Touch Panel Settings Step 1. If the name label of the calibration kit has been changed, the label is displayed as the soft key. A chassis terminal; a connection to the instrument’s chassis, which includes all exposed metal structure. After several seconds, the next screen appears manial even if you do not press any key, so do not miss it. Safety Symbols Instruction Manual symbol: Click Done to terminate the full 2-port calibration process.


E Removal Procedure Step 1. Turns on the EC. If the connector type of manusl standard of the calibration kit you use has polarity the distinction between male and femaleyou need to change the standard class definition of manaul calibration kit depending on the standard you actually use.

Select the saved backup image file, then click Next button. Files you created using e5017c save function files in the D drive are not affected, but we recommend backing them up before executing system recovery for precautionary purposes. NOTE With no operation on the touch screen calibration screen for a preset time, it automatically closes and the previous measurement screen reappears.

Operation of any electrical instrument in such an environment clearly constitutes a safety hazard.

When the recovery is finished, push the enter select OK. This document contains proprietary information that is protected by copyright.

Atec Agilent-E5071C User Manual

Test and Measurement Call Center tel 1 fax e5071 Canada: Click Cal Kit, then select the calibration kit. The following screen appears when the user backup image was created. Such noncompliance would also violate safety standards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the instrument. Push the enter to select Yes to start the recovery of the factory backup. Click Port x Open to start s5071c calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected.


CN or above Step 1. Call Center tel tel 81 fax 81 Korea: If an isolation calibration must be performed using a LOAD standard, follow the procedure below. CN or below This section describes how to return the contents of the C drive to the factory state.

If necessary, input f5071c and click Next button. Close all other applications you currently open. A dialog box appears to allow you to select a program to be loaded. Select the C drive to restore, then click Next button.

Click Open to start the calibration measurement. After restart, the screen for initial registration appears.

Technical Support

The touch screen calibration screen Figure appears. Press the button under the screw. A message dialog box appears after the completion of the Recovery Image Setup procedure.

Figure Recover User Backup ecse Step 5. Figure 3 Item 3: If you press F11 twice or more and a screen which is not mentioned in this manual appears, reboot the instrument and restart the process from the first.

Agilent Technologies EC Instruction manual |

A progress bar appears Figure indicating the progress of the Recovery Image setup. Out-position of push-button switch. There are two procedures in accordance with the Manua, revision. Turn ON the EC.