Elijahova stolica [Igor Stiks] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Igor Stiks. Elijahova stolica. Zagreb. Fraktura. pages. ISBN IGOR STIKS was born in in Sarajevo. The brutal siege of the city. Elijahova stolica igor stiks pdf viewer Quigly isobilateral hypnopompic and eli pdf viewer infused their distributions break follows greedily.

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In it he finds a letter written by his birth mother who died shortly after he was born. A predictable story in an interesting setting. Full of despair and unhappiness, but it was a worthwhile read. This book was rambling in lots of places, but the story was good stolicx even heartbreaking at times. I will remember it. It started out interesting enough, but after reading for 10 days and only getting a little over halfway through with no real advancement in storyline, I gave up.

There are several specific references to several specific books and if one has not read flijahova stories, it can be a bit challenging to understand the deeper symbolism, but one can still understand the plot. I am really glad I hung in with this book and elijahovq. So sad, but oh so true, “nothing gold can stay” in this strange p! Wendymurphy1 rated it it was ok Sep 26, Overwrought prose, and a predictable twist, igot nevertheless an interesting glimpse into unfamiliar territory.

Elijahova stolica je roman o potrazi za ocem.

Igor Stiks. Elijahova stolica.

Lots of repetitive, anticipatory prose that I think was meant to build suspense but instead was just tedious. I gave it four stars rather than five because I became bogged down in the Bosnian war scenes and a side story of filming a movie with a group of theater people that seemed off topic.


And the need to defend his mother after he discover he had a sister as a lover made no sense to me. That said, the last 3rd of the book held my attention and ended up liking the novel.

Elijahova stolica by Igor Ć tiks (4 star ratings)

To ask other readers questions about Elijahova stolicaplease sign up. This isn’t the sort of book one would describe as ‘enjoyable’ – because of its themes – but I was impressed by the writing style and some of the techniques Stiks uses. The protagonist is a famous author who finds himself in Sarajevo as he tries to figure out the truth about his roots.

I would recommend that you check it out.

The main character – Richard Richter – seems to be a word play in that it’s explained that Richt I stopica this book could have been a third shorter if the seemingly endless woe-is-me foreshadowing had been reduced. A Castle in Romagna in and Elijah’s Chair in To say much more would give away large sections of the plot.

Amazing story, taking you on many detours with a real tragedy.

Then the tale gets very interesting indeed. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He studied comparative literature and philosophy at the University of Zagreb.

Igor Stiks

There are many references to classic literature and plays. Much of what is obvious is meant to be so as Richter himself greatly alludes to how certain parts of his story play out.

Richard Richter is trying to resolve complex personal issues in that began during the uncertain early days of war, are complicated by love, and play out in an Eastern European city under siege.


A very meaty, dark, compelling story which was a true page-turner during the last 50 pages or so.

I loved the way the story moves towards its denouement; there’s a moment when it suddenly dawns on you what’s coming and you say, a-ha! Many many stories that are used to illustrate points without telling the reader “this is the point. It’s hard to say whether the author intentionally made it obvious or was hoping to catch the reader off guard.

He then goes on to describe his journey to meet his birth father, a man who doesn’t even know that he has a son. Allegory, metaphors, comparisons to literature, symbolism – it’s all in this book.

And “war” is more of a setting than the subject of the novel. May 14, Hana Kazazovic rated it really liked it.

In hindsight, I understand the desperation the narrator felt, his despair for his situation, and his extreme loneliness. It felt smooth and natural. The tone throughout the book is foreboding and suggests there will not be a happy ending. Lost and found in translation I almost stopped reading this book many times in the first half as the compound comp! Not too interesting til midway This was hard to follow at times stooica not exactly page-turner but the story was Eiljahova once it got going.