Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti has 16 ratings and 0 reviews. Testo originale a fronte. “Ifigenia in Tauride” è una tragedia di Euripide. Ifigenia scampò per poco dall’ essere immolata dal padre Agamennone come vittima sacrificale (“Ifigenia in. Ifigenia in Tauride. [ed.) Euripides [Euripide] (Antonio Cantele] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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It is now widely believed that wh Greek: Euripides was known for his striking portrayals of female characters, and Iphigenia is no exception, although she perhaps lacks the dramatic depth of his Medea and Electra.

Catalog Record: Ifigenia in Tauride ; Ifigenia in Aulide | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Katerina rated it really liked it Jun 15, Retrieved from ” https: Iphigeniasister of Orestesis the high priestess of Diana in the temple of Tauris, having been transported there magically by the goddess when her father Agamemnon attempted to offer her as a sacrifice. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. During this recitation, Orestes asks Pylades what he should do, having realized that he was standing in front of his sister.

Iphigenia finds out which of the two is Pylades and that they are from Argos. Elphie84 rated it liked it Feb 12, Upon hearing this, Iphigenia decides that she wants one of the strangers to return eurripide letter to Argos, and that she will only sacrifice one of them. He explains how, after being acquitted by the gods and the state of Athens for killing his mother to avenge his father, Apollo has required him to perform one last act of penance, to steal a sacred statue of Artemis from Tauris and bring it back to Athens.

Orestes half falls asleep Le calme rentre dans mon coeurbut he is tormented by visions eurkpide the Furieswho wish to avenge his slaying of his mother whom Orestes killed for murdering his father Agamemnon. Iphigenia enters and discusses her sad life with the chorus, composed of captive Greek maidens, attendants of Iphigenia. De la Touche’s work had been praised for its simplicity, but Gluck and his librettist simplified the drama even further.


She believes that her father’s bloodline has ended with the death of Orestes.

She recounts her “sacrifice” at the hands of Agamemnonand how she was saved by Artemis and made priestess in this temple. Orestes and Pylades enter, having just arrived in this land. He too is obsessed with dark thoughts De noirs pressentiments: Rescue me from this barbarian land, free me from this slaughterous priesthood, in which it is my office to kill strangers. However, the most important as far as Gluck is concerned — because it formed the basis of Guillard’s libretto — is Guimond de la Touche’s spoken euri;ide, which euripdie in Paris on 4 June Furthermore, she has had a prophetic dream about her younger brother Orestes and believes that he is dead.

Styled “a tragic Singspiel”, it was staged on 23 October at the Nationalhoftheater[5] as the emperor Joseph II had had the Burgtheater renamed after dismissing the Italian singers and their orchestra in and installing German actors in the theatre.

Donny rated it liked it Nov 11, The Songs of the Kings. Chaste fille de Latone. Svarthamar rated it liked it Jul 26, It is perhaps the first occurrence in opera of this device of using the orchestra to reveal the inward truth of a situation, in distinction from, even in contradiction to, the words of the text — a practice that Wagner was later to incorporate into a complete system.

Then she brought me to stay in this land. Iphigenia explains that she would like to clean the strangers and the statue in the sea, to make for a purer sacrifice.

Fiammetta Maria marked it as to-read Mar 16, Iphigenia then recites the letter to Pylades so that, if it is lost, he can still relay the message. Iphigenia asks Orestes his origins, but Orestes refuses to tell Iphigenia his name. Anna rated it really liked it Dec 14, Also, the statue must be cleansed.


Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti by Euripides

Recycling was thus a way of saving some of his most outstanding musical ideas. As Diana is carried back into the clouds, everyone sings a concluding chorus of rejoicing at having the favor of earth and heaven restored to them Les dieux, longtemps en courroux.

Reluctantly, she agrees to spare Pylades instead and sends him to carry her message to Electra. Among the major changes was the transposition of the role of Oreste from baritone to tenor and the replacement of the final chorus of Act 2 with an instrumental movement.

Orestes explains that he has avenged Agamemnon’s death ejripide killing Clytaemnestra and Aegisthus.

In Gluck produced a German version of the opera, Iphigenia in Tauris, for the visit of the Russian Grand Duke Paul to Viennawith the libretto translated and adapted by Johann Baptist von Alxinger in collaboration with the composer. Iphigenia in Tauris Ancient Greek: She addresses Iphigenia, telling her to be priestess taudide the sacred terraces of Brauron, and she tells Orestes that she is saving him again.

The borrowings Gluck made in this, his last significant opera, are numerous, and many scholars feel that they constitute a “summing up” ifienia the artistic ideals he pursued throughout his career as a composer.

Ifigenia in Tauride – Baccanti by Euripides. After Iphigenia and the priestesses depart, Thoas brings in the Greeks, who turn out to be Orestes and his friend Pylades. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.