A Firearms Transaction Record, or Form , is a form promulgated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in the United States . During in-store FFL compliance review, the reviewing consultants are often asked about tips to successfully and consistently completing the ATF Form , . A deep dive into the top three most common ATF Form mistakes and how to avoid them. Eliminate FFL ATF errors – Get free online.

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Seems like the least of our problems. Information incorporated into Question Fform you require additional forms, please contact the ATF Distribution Center by telephone at or Added a new paragraph between the 1 st and 2 nd paragraphs.

ATF Form 4473 – Firearms Transaction Record Revisions

I gave it up when I entered the military. How can that precedent be miss-used? It is not only because is a drug. The ATF eForm is designed to help eliminate errors in completing Form for both the firearm purchaser and the licensed seller.

The government certainly has the money to install redundant backup computer systems, just like the ones that the large corporations rely on. I had to pass random drug screens since under DOT regs. We must rid ourselves of any politician still living in the early 20th century regarding cannabis. Get your liberal bass outta here. If the Totalitarians recoup a comback? Furthermore, even those who consume alcohol in excessive amounts should not be allowed to buy or own firearms.

If you decide to smoke weed, you give up your right to a gun! Back in the day when you could just walk in and buy a gun and walk out with it they I. The majority of the voters are to blame because they elect the candidates who promise bigger and bigger government.


Or someone who was convicted of a different type of a nonviolent federal crime?

This supports recent case law as well. Of course you are correct.

4473 Part 1— Firearms Transaction Record Over-The-Counter (ATF Form 5300.9)

A preferable situation as opposed to one tainted by pre-conceived notions that are usually erroneous. They are out there and you cannot expect them to behave like Cheech and Chong any more than alcohol drinkers all act like Foster Brooks or W. These medications merely afforded me the mobility to function. What will likely be the focus? As a Virtnam cfl myself, I can tell you not all of us are drug addled or alcoholics, and anyone who smoked weed or used drugs in the field was not only endangering themselves but everyone around them.

I am however surprised that a new law just kind of popped up right after the election.

Is just another way to criminalize the gun owner to a federal crime from a misdemeanor. There is no firm credible reason for the government to record the details of the gun that you might own. There are two species of marijuana, one gives you a high and the other does not.

New FFL Form for Background Checks Incoming

My state already requires not only picture ID be used all states do but we also have a firearm owner ID card that also has a photo. Is it really OK for the various state legislation bodies to act rfl mini tyrannies? Yeah, I agree with you Giovanni. We can list all the reasons in the world as to the what, for, where and why on this topic. Take that dirty filthy peace loving, free loving hippy Pot shit to the grave with fomr.

  JIS A4201 PDF

Awww dude… What about peanut butter and jelly? Any other information only helps the government to know what guns you may own. ALL other regulations and restrictions used to deny a competent, law-abiding adult citizen from buying a firearm are infringements that are completely unconstitutional. If you think that laws prevent crime, there is no hope for you. The politicians in Washington, D.

I have a buddy who is an opioid prescribed vet, he never gets buzzed from it because the medication the VA gives him is MS Contin which is time released morphine. The weed is not going to add to the desire. Laws are pretty explicit in this manner.

Conducting examinations of your executed forms periodically goes a long way in maintaining compliance. I have held a Federal Gorm License for yrs. The enforcement of this statute would likely be used in the case of a criminal misuse or possession of a firearm, where it could be used to show that a buyer knowingly lied on the form, and tested positive for MJ later. I still believe that you should not have to have at permission to purchase firearm.

There has to be a better way to confirm a persons right to make a weapon purchase at point of sale.