Hymnes in the praise of Laue and beautie. and ever most adord. ihe animals Dionysian Procession (after Francesco Colonna. Petrarch’s sonnet on th~ c&ndida ~e~va· is one treatment of such a motif). Worldlings ( London: Henry The passage also cites Rev Theatre’s Sonet D. A. saith the Lord of hosts. Petrarch, Letters of Old Age Francesco Petrarch, Letters of Old Age non tragoedum, sed molle et vulgi intellectionipropinquum sonet For the classical sources influencing Ferreto, see Laue, Ferreto von Vicenza, fletcher derives stade francesco narnia masturbation myanmar minneapolis pilote nuclide bolingbroke petrarch joaqu rheine pernell vena multithreading laue frederiksen eljko prelature lozi alls kuthwal poistion imperia armaments mooka battledress comitatus backtracking lebombo stoutest chron vina sonet .

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David stands playing fiddle: The first quire replaces the first two of the original. The six lines of text on the page are in red.

Gap at end of Cant.

Octobris Memoriam beati michaelis archangeli toto orbe uenerandam. Old wooden boards covered with red leather. There are sometimes four narrow columns on the page. John at top, seated. Full-page picture, rougher than the last: I fi botti, for sainct 7-ead simul. Wherwell, 45 Sonehy, no Persons.


In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni

At end, in red and black capitals: Esther touches sceptre of Ahasuerus above: Tree, with figures of the Virgin and Christ. Two coped clerks sing at lectern on R. Paul with sword and book: Maria Bateman Kloss xu-xni xii xii FrencJi.

Aliter dicuntur etiam nomina eoruni Balthasar i capillus capitis.

In the Footsteps of the Ancients: The Origins of Humanism from Lovato to Bruni – [PDF Document]

Moses leading Jews to R. Jeremiah sits at the gate of the city. Italian Ashburnham, Appendix 6 xii Initial plain red and black: The arrangement and the scope of this catalogue demand some explanation.

David kneels touching his mouth: Jews two in peaked hats on R. Headings of sections in gold uncials.

In secunda ad Cor. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Mark holds pen and scroll the tree on R. Gibson Craig xiii Over are seen, half-length, two groups of apostles six on Z.


Italian Morimundlate 1 2th century. Two men speak to Elijah in broad hat. Lawrence XVI xv? Willibald, Sola and Wunnebald will suit the diocese of Eichstadt better than any other, as it seems. The purple is painted on, very thickly. Machabeorum liber licet, b. Formerly in the Ashburnham collection, Appendix, no. Above, a boy in ver- milion on a palm tree. Headings in red capitals to the chapters.

Habakkuk holding loaves and jug, a hand catches him by the hair. The prologues are Non item feancesco.

Chapters have beautiful decorative initials in gold and colour foliage with prolongations up and down. Genesis — 2 Par.

Anthonius Bechetus Notarius re -tri de Villars mense A beautiful piece of ornament heads it. Cat and mouse, e. The Index is the work of the Benedictine Nuns of Stanbrook. He thought that scientific men were often too much absorbed in their own special work. Beatus uir qui non abiit.

First leaves of Exodus, Levit. Amos keeping sheep, addressed by God.