Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. [Read by Frederick Davidson] This is the story of. Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” India The Fifth Horseman Freedom at Midnight Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. First published in , this edition is a new edition of the best-selling book described as irreplaceable by Le Monde, Paris.

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For the most part the narration is very engaging, urging the readers to read on. Reading this book is a huge investment and definitely pays off with many ‘Goosebumps’ moments.

The one Englishman who thought only the good of India and guided her journey.

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins (1975)

This account of the events leading up to partition, and the subsequent creation of a new nation, holds nothing back. He was the only major politician to see through the horrors of Partition and the bloodshed it would unleash. He also makes references collinns the ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’ which has been proven incorrect more than once. I am happy at the generation I am living in, but after reading this book, it llapierre me wonder whether I have missed the most epoch making time of my country, well any country for that matter.

Books by Larry Collins. He became the Paris bureau chief inwhere he would work untiluntil he switched to writing books.

He seemed the only major voice calling for the British to leave and was saddened about the slaughter he predicted partition would bring. One incident quoted describes a canal in Lahore that ran with blood and floating bodies.

Here’s an especially evocative excerpt, from Pagewith Jawarharlal Nehru and Mahatma Gandhi traveling together as independence neared and they felt the weight of all India on their shoulders: Loving citizens who were once neighbours, turned on each other instantly.

And while the authors definitely adore Mountbatten, I did learn more about him and about the Raj rule than I knew previously. The target audience for the book seems to be people who want to be able to understand just enough of the British Raj to absolve the Raj of any guilt and blame Jinnah and others for much of the ills of partition.

Oh goody, yet another book written through colonial tinted glasses. And after each visit he had to go recover in the hill stations of Simla because Jinnah was such an unpleasant little man, asking uncomfortable questions. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Muslims intercept trainloads full of Hindus fleeing Pakistan and massacred the passengers.


Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight

This book is imo, a must read for each and every Indian and Pakistani to actually understand in detail what exactly happened during those tumultuous times in an unbiased manner through the eyes of the person who was at its epicentre. In the first six weeks of independence, half as many people died violent deaths in India and Pakistan as the number of all the Americans who died in all of World War II.

However the author cleverly forgets how they flared the differences between religions in India when it suited them. Lists with This Book. The Hindus always considered Muslims unclean bec A fascinating book.

Feels like a TV series about that era. Those interested in more recent and expansive views of the events leading up to and following should consider The Great Partition: The book gives a detailed account of the lapierrd year of the British Rajthe princely states’ reactions to independence including descriptions of the Indian princes’ colourful and extravagant lifestylesthe partition of British India into India and Pakistan on religious grounds, and the bloodshed that followed.

The ensuing riots are given a lot of space. How incredibly he unites India at the brink of civil war and total collapse where no one else could achieve it. It’s almo Oh goody, yet another book written through colonial tinted glasses. As the authors put it, “She could preside over a formal banquet in a diamond tiara one lapirere and minister with skill and compassion to cholera victims in a fetid slum the next morning.

If you want to read something that really gets to the heart o Oh dear. Dec 21, Ankit Mishra rated it liked it. One gets to know why this is the one deep blemish that has stained the minds of every subsequent generation on the both sides of the border.

Jinnah,the founder of Pakistan. Journal of South Asian Studies. Painstaking research usually results in unreadable material.

Freedom at Midnight – Wikipedia

Just do like me and not have sex were ludicrous. He gets an outside perspective of India, allowing him to criticise without having to feel obligated to justify any act or man. Though they acknowledge a few of his epic mistakes, several bits of history are conveniently left out – such as the fact that the British largely created and fostered the animosities that led to pre- and post- partition violence by promoting Sikhs, Ismailis, and Hindus as imperial agents and severely disenfranchising and terrorizing Muslims – representatives of the waning Mughal empire that the Brits conquered in order to take India- within a lapietre of extreme disparity.

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Thanks for telling us about the problem. Uploaded by oldgoodbooks on February 9, The best book ever written on the birth of Pakistan as a nation.

Mountbatten obliged and, sort-of staying in background, administered in mil Just domlnique days after, India officially got independence, the two spearheads of then Indian politics, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, visited the outgoing Viceroy Lord Mountbatten, and requested him to take midnighr his previous charge.

Some reviews point out that this book is well researched – I’m sure it is, but only in that section of the British Imperial Archives which has been scrubbed of voices which are in any way critical of British rule, or attempt to look at it honestly.

Inwhile working from his home in the south of France on a book on the Middle East, Collins died of a sudden cerebral haemorrhage. The authors delve deeply into orientalist lore to depict the exploits of the maharajas princely rulers of various territories who had their sovereignty revoked upon independence in and their titles and privileges rescinded 25 years laterand are not shy about including salacious – often stomach-churning and horrifying – stories.

I am sure, after reading this book, you would look imdnight our famous national leaders in a different light than before. Jan 14, John rated it it was amazing. Inthey published Freedom at Midnight, a story of the Indian Independence inand the subsequent assassination of Mahatma Mudnight in Yes, the writers have an affection for Mountbatten and that comes through. One possible reason for this lack of crucial details: In Freedom at Midnight they do this superbly: The duo published their first fictional work, The Fifth Horseman, in Edwina Mountbatten was as hard-working and courageous as her husband, and she was more of a people person.