Stratosphere has ratings and 22 reviews. Marc said: Educational reform = pedagogy+technology+change knowledge. The problem is that Fullan offers no c . Fullan calls this triad of big ideas the “stratosphere” p1 – Learn how to learn because the evolving world is ever changing and elusive. We need the capacity to. Michael Fullan is certainly one of the three to four most influential His most recent contribution, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology.

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Jul 06, CarolynKost rated it really liked it Shelves: The author calls for improved and committed action as well as focus and immersion for multi-taskers. The part of the book that makes me frustrated is he never truly explains the specifics of how this can be implemented a Mr.

Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge

The new age education that we are facing today with 21st-century learners that sit in our very classrooms today. Description “It’s time to take the lid off learning. Loved the links made and will create my pedagogy around his thoughts and analogies. It appears to be one more attempt to attribute successful outcomes to something other than the interventions in p Very disappointing.

Later he worked as a graduate professor, researcher, and leader of in-service programs. If You’re an Educator Request a copy Additional order info.


Fullan, Stratosphere: Integrating Technology, Pedagogy, and Change Knowledge | Pearson

I should’ve read the description more closely. Jan 21, Peter Atkinson rated it liked it. Fullan also outlines how educators need cullan begin to flip the role of the teacher and the student. Technology is wonderful, but there is a dark side.

Stratosphere is an enormous word. The integration of technology is at the forefront of educational focus. Examines connections-and disconnections- “It’s time to take fullah lid off learning.

He convincingly demonstrates that technology alone is not the answer and can, in fact, be part of the problem when not implemented well. With technology on the cutting edge in education, Fullan examines the current uses of technology and also focuses on the future of technology in schools. Fuullan quick read that focuses on the pedagogy of integrating technology with education.

I would never have done stratoosphere than skim this book if it were longer. The author suggests that educators need to focus on three components which will allow students to enjoy school and become actively engaged in learning.

Computers in Education Instructional Technology. This book is very precise and its straightforwardness makes it an enjoyable read. Shaun Hawthorne rated it it was ok Aug 23, Fullen eloquently and succinctly outlines the coming together of technology, change, and pedagogy and how these three must work together to benefit students. I picked up this book looking for practical strategies and resources for how to integrate technology in my classroom.


Can’t agree with all of it – but good points to keep in mind for real change. In focusing on technology, we must concentrate on how stratospherd correlates with pedagogy.

Sign In We’re sorry! If You’re a Student Buy this product Additional order info. A great length, a great read, and a magnificent vision for the future of learning. To implement change in education in the 21st Century, we must have knowledge of both technology and the methods with which to implement it.

He attributes this need for change as a result of technological advances occurring at a rapid rate. Without direction, or pedagogy, education is meaningless. However, I question the overall value of this vastly overpriced little report. Fullan suggests that technology in the classroom should foster STEM with hands-on learning, inquiry-based lessons, and peer collaboration where students have to demonstrate mastery. I have recommended this book to many colleagues, especially teachers stratospherw are going to be experiencing a shift in teaching and learning due to the one-to-one initiatives.