Our guest this week is Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser, author of the seminal book NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism. Buy NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation GLADIO and Terrorism in Western Europe (Contemporary Security Studies) 1 by Ganser Daniele (ISBN: ). For the first time in this book, Daniele Ganser has brought together the full story of the networks the Italians came to call ‘Gladio’. This is a significant and.

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Retrieved Feb 20, But I have not organised it myself gaanser make a coup d’etat. It has operated clandestinely, and we are entitled to attribute to it all the destabilization, all the provocation and all the terrorism that have occurred in our countries over these four decades, and to say that, actively or passively, it must have had an involve- ment.

Daniele Ganser – Wikipedia

What happens is that after about fifty miles the sand in the axle box starts to turn them red hot and they all overheat. As the US population remained lukewarm about a war in the Gulf a dirty trick was employed to stir up feelings of hatred and revenge.

I invited them [the British] because we had visited their bases in England – the stay-behind bases [of the UK] – and in exchange for this visit I invited them. The existence of these clandestine NATO units remained a closely guarded secret throughout the Cold War untilwhen the first branch of the international network was discovered in Italy. The units were trained, in part, by “Mad Mike” Calverta Royal Engineers officer who specialised in demolition by explosives and gansef raiding operations.

Operation Gladio

And the commission itself, made up of the competing political parties from the Italian left glado the Italian right, was split on what exactly the historical truth in Italy was, and disagreed on how many of its sensitive findings should be presented to the public. According to his own testimony, Ganser alleges, he discovered the existence of gladip secret NATO army, then codenamed “Red Sheepskin”, as acting prime minister in and had given orders to dissolve it.

VacuumCleaner rated it really liked it Jun 23, The information superhighway is barely a macadam path when it comes to throwing light on the truth of the Gladio networks. We told them to go easy. Inthe police discovered an arms cache and radio equipment at a mountain cabin and arrested Hans Otto Meyer, a businessman accused of being involved in selling illegal alcohol.


Asked about Gladio’s relations to Francoist Spainhe said that such a network was not necessary under Francosince “the regime itself was Gladio. It was inside Palazzo Braschi where Casson discovered the documents, which proved for the first time that a secret army code-named Gladio existed in Italy as a sub-branch of the military secret service with the task to carry out unorthodox warfare.

The situation in each Scandinavian country was different. Lawrence Kaplan wrote a mixed review commending Ganser for making “heroic efforts to tease out the many strands that connect this interlocking right-wing conspiracy”, but also arguing that “Connecting the dots between terrorist organizations in NATO countries and a master plan centred in NATO’s military headquarters requires a stretch of facts that Ganser cannot manage. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

We need absolute secrecy, a certain fanatical enthusiasm, willingness to work with people of different nationalities, complete political reliability.

I was not even allowed to call my wife’ Geijer remembered. Mining evidence from parliamentary inquiries, investigative accounts, documentary sources, trials, and individuals he has interviewed, Ganser tracks the revelation of Gladio in many countries and fills in the record of what these networks actually did.

I have already indicated to the Head of the American Service that I am ready to work out plans for detailed co-operation with him on this basis, and I therefore suggest that any projects formulated by them should be referred back to Washington for subsequent discussion between the British and the American Services in London. Moro, a state secret for the USA. The presidency in the Committee was held for two years by a member rotating between all the member states in alphabetical order’, hence the ACC did not feature ‘the same predominance of the Great Powers’.

Peer Henrik Hansen, a scholar at Roskilde Universitywrote two scathing criticisms of the book for the International Journal of Gladoo and Counterintelligence and the Journal of Intelligence Historydescribing Ganser’s work as “a journalistic book with a big spoonful of conspiracy theories” that “fails to present proof of and an in-depth explanation of the gkadio conspiracy between USA, CIA, NATO and the European countries. Was ich vermisse, ist ein Schaltbild der Verstrickungen, das das Problem visualisiert.


As far as I have been informed by the secret services such activities have continued until Everybody knew that if for an operation he lacked an expert in explosives or in telecommunications or in gznser, he could without problems address another country because the agents had been trained in the same techniques and used the same materials.

This was denied by the US State Departmentwho responded that “the Greek terrorist organization ‘ 17 November ” was responsible for both assassinations”, and that Grivas’s central piece of evidence had been the Westmoreland Field Manual which the state department, as well as an independent congressional inquiry have alleged to be a Soviet forgery.

At the time of his testimony he looked back on a lifelong 9 political career with probably no parallels in any country of Western Europe. They criticised the United States, the Vietnam War and above all the distribution of power in Italy, for despite their numerical strength in parliament the PCI was not assigned ministerial positions and hence was deliberately kept outside the government. Forced by the investigations of Judge Casson, Prime Minister Andreotti 16 years later exposed the Gladio secret in front of the Italian parliament.

NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe

The Carabinieri believed that they had unveiled the arsenal of a criminal network. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. They would then go out and arrest anarchists or communists who in some cases ‘committed suicide’ while in detention.

A network of resistance fighters was formed across Britain and arms caches were established. In the United States such nations are called ‘state sponsors’ and are the object of hostility and sanction.

In Belgium they had a gang with machine guns who went around killing people in supermarkets. Hidden Systems that deliver Unforgettable Customer Service.

In this age of global concern with terrorism it is especially upsetting to discover that Western Europe and the United States collaborated in creating networks that took up terrorism. Thanks for telling us about the problem.