Electric RC Helis – GAUI EP LOVE THIS THING! – I recently bought a pixy zap and got it to hover but in winds its extremely unstable and. I’m looking to get a sized heli, can’t decide between the Gaui EP and the T-rex I know that the EP has been out for quite a.

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I’m looking to sell it and get a T-rex instead as it’s too small for me and will require a micro gyro, micro rec’vr, etc. Might make someone a real nice spares donor.

These are some of the reasons I can ep020 the Quark better than a sim of a. I can not speak about gyro or servos on the Gaui. It’s being setup and flight tested before getting shipped to me. Send a private message to Loopy1. Send a private message to Shadow I agui using a 2 cell Gaui and it was real light, affected more by the wind of course.

Both these heli must be set up as near to perfect to achieve a fun flight. If the tail doesn’t hold at that height, I may have to replace both the gyro and the tail servo. May cost a bit more though. RTF is nice only if the Quality Control guys did their job right and didn’t rush a set up.

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I’m using the GU gyro to work with the cheapo Maxwell digital servo on the tail. Send a private message to Druss. Just saw this guy Don’t take time and I can almost guarantee a crash.


I wonder how dp200 improvement would I get if I do it above ground effect. For the price, the Ultimate combo on the T-rex is hard to not seriously consider. I find it difficult to deal with a 2-dimensional view like in a simulator.

Fung of FH did a good job with the assembly and setup.

Trex SE Vs Gaui EP – HeliFreak

For the next months finding parts for the trex is going to be very hard, the same thing happened when the trex was released. Find More Posts by fytrjok. I think that due to the fact that not a bunch of people are yet flying the rex not to mention both it’s pretty tough to compare and contrast. I still haven’t flown this heli and won’t be able to until the tail output shaft replacement arrives.

Thanks to Fung e;200 Flying Hobby for sending me the replacement part. You may not post new threads. In my opinion, the GAUI is becoming the better choice over the Trex as far as cost and proven reliability is concerned. It’s even smaller than your uses mm mains! Send a private message to UTM. The test flown bit is from Gaui, apparently they test fly all the helis before they leave the plant.

The Gaui does look like an even match however the se has the gyro which needs a high head speed or you will get lots of tail wag.


Bert kammerer GAUI ep 200 Hurricane 3D Video !! RC HELICO

I often crashed the Gaui and simply straightened the blades up and flew on but that is not possible with the trex. You can also get the V2 in a flybarless option.

This will make for a smoth start.

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I loved the Align up front but after one crash, I e200 could not get the tail to stick. I think the esc is crudded out which is where i stopped, because the ele esc manual sucksbut It has never been flown or crashed. Send a private message to stump3r. Ive just spent a few hours dialing in the settings, installing new bigger servos and what not and so far it hovers pretty stable in winds.

Guys, i’m going to let you in on a secret. Is this normal for a heli this small while in ground effect? Originally Posted by adam crosby Parts for crash are skids tail booms blades flybars. Try to spend some time with a simulator In order to be able to post faui on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

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