The Good Muslim has ratings and reviews. Pankaj Mishra praised A Golden Age, Tahmima Anam’s debut novel, as a “startlingly accomplished and. In “A Golden Age,”Tahmima Anam chronicled Bangladesh’s war for independence through the story of Rehana Haque, a widow drawn. Delicate, heart-wrenching and poetic, this is a novel ofgreat poise and power.” — Tash Aw, author of The Harmony Silk Factory Set in Bangladesh at a ti.

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Therefore, it was a bit challenging to follow. Return to Book Page. I hope they will read it with objectivity, and not forget that the story is fictional. Apr 26, Bibliophile rated it really liked it Shelves: And ignorance towards his upbringing, turning him into a liar and a thief.

Text Publishing — The Good Muslim, book by Tahmima Anam

Both of these facts most likely decreased my appreciation for The Good Muslim: They are living in the newly independent Bangladesh, now under a Dictator and the shadow of war hasn’t left them.

Not only does she have a gift for language with beautiful prose, but she understands the complexity of human emotions and relationships. And yet, she tried to save him too. Now the war is over there are different directions god can be taken, upholding the old maxim that war is easier than peace.

The Good Muslim by Tahmima Anam – review

He has embraced an musilm version of Islam as defined by the Tablighi Jamaatwhich shuns the joyful life filled with music, friends and liberal values. But Anam invests real narrative power in the sections set in the mids, in which the past resonates as an often minatory echo.

Other editions of The Good Muslim. The book opens with Maya preparing to return to the home she had fled 9 years previously.

Her bother, however, chooses an entirely different path.

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The Good Muslim follows the story of Haque family after the war, when in an abandoned building, Sohail Haque comes across a woman, shattered and ripped to pieces, showing the signs of war, gang rape, torture and seeds of hatred in her womb. All in all, The Good Muslim is a pretty great book, something that you can devour into.

In addition to tracking the era of rebuilding that immediately followed East Pakistan’s uprising, The Good Muslim also jumps forward to the early s, and ends with another mass rebellion.

As the novel progresses, the two characters become more entrenched in their positions and their final clash of principles is shattering yet muslom. She becomes a doctor and an activist, roles that, as Anam points out, strain against the traditional roles of women — and not just women in the Muslim world:. I had high expectations from Tahmima Anam when I very randomly came across her second book tucked away in the corners of a bookstore in the Bangladesh airport.

Goodreads helps you keep musim of books you want to read. July 31, 6: It’s complex but feels simple as you read it.

Honestly, I did not know much about god history of Bangladesh until I read these two novels. The problem is that this is ultimately a story about family relationships, and it doesn’t benefit from so much jumping around; in A Golden Age, Anam let scenes and relationships develop more slowly, and it worked better.

The Good Muslim – Wikipedia

Other reviewers have criticized the more dramatic scenes here for being melodramatic, and I can see where they’re coming from; everything happens so fast that there’s little buildup. Maya still holds to her Revolutionary ideals but has left journalism and trained as a doctor. The whole is well written and I will certainly look out for the third in the series.

Maya is athmima strong character, but I’m not sure I ever really understood her. To read the rest of my review please visit http: I might never have learned about this Bangladeshi writer And while the focus of the novel is on the clash between secularism and faith, it also raises that critical question of how — when both sides have committed war crimes — can a country achieve justice and reconciliation in a postwar period? But the characters demonstrate a strength and resilience that enables each of them to forge a new identity that they are comfortable with.


At a political meeting, she hears the author of a modern Bengali classic about the loss of her son in the war speak of a country “that allows the men who betrayed it, the men who committed murder, to run free, to live as the neighbours of the women they have widowed, the young girls they have raped”.

Thamima Anam has done a wonderful job sharing both sides of the same coin via this brother and sister relationship. Now she was in retreat from them, passively accepting whatever it was they chose to do: Anam manages to be fair to both siblings and resists the temptation to go for easy answers and solutions; although her heart clearly lies with Maya. Like a monster that remains in the shadows, in the guilt-ridden spots of the heart.

But both of them were selfish. Order by newest oldest recommendations. She comes back home and even joins a newspaper, sharing her views on the new political situation of Bangladesh, but doesn’t find solace in that, as her real piece lies with Sohail only, tahmimw she feels has abandoned her just like that for religion. I would not recommend reading this alone. A must read novel for one and all.