Critique of Economic Reason (Radical Thinkers) [Andre Gorz] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. André Gorz’s earlier books—from Ecology. British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data. Gorz, Andre. Critique of economic reason,. L Work & leisure. Social aspects. I. Title II. Metamorphoses du travail. Critique of Economic Reason: Summary for. Trade Unionists and Other Left Activists. Andre Gorz. Chapter 3 in Labour Worldwide: Alternative Union Models in.

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Verso Books 16 December Also a journalist, he co-founded Le Nouvel Observateur weekly in It is not utopian because it does not ask for the impossible, as the Marxian utopia of work does.

In Critique of Economic Reasonhe offers his fullest account to date of the terminal crisis of a system where every activity and aspiration has been subjected groz the rule of the market.

A great example is the mid to late 20th century shift towards service industries in the developed core. The reason capitalism can lead to something like communism is precisely because it so greatly increases productivity and decreases necessary labor — it is the manner in which these benefits are inequitably distributed that is the problem. Gorz’s book is a manifesto for the future outlining econimic the changes in productivity can be captured to reduce the hours that we all work.

I agree with Reid, who took some of the words out of my mouth: In actuality, Gorz is post-Marxist because like Adorno, Marcuse and others, he likes Capital and the Grundrisse and conveniently drops o I’m torn on this raeson, and my ambiguity towards it can mostly be explained without even referring to the actual contents. Izden Kara rated it really liked it Apr 19, As instruments, they economlc disposable. But it nonetheless still remains a realm of necessity.

He presents a practical strategy for reducing the working week, and develops a radical version of a guaranteed wage for all. Beyond it begins that development of human energy which is an end in itself, the true realm of freedom, which, econmic, can blossom forth only with this realm of necessity as its basis.

In the s and s, he was a main theorist in the New Left movement. He has a variety of more detailed proposals for how this might work in practice, for instance, how to make it possible for people to have flexible, self-chosen schedules on a very long time-frame not just working 20 hours every week, but possibly working only six months out eeason every year or taking even longer breaks. The limited time we have are spent on cheap thrills and instant entertainment provided by the ever-flourishing Cultural Industry that diminish any chance of personal growth.

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For him, a worker should receive his monthly salary regardless of how long he works – as long as he critiqye to his responsibilities.

And these desires are theorized as base ones — desires for possessions, sex, fame and so on. These three assertions do militate heavily against all utilitarianisms, which include all modern economics including Marxist and non-Marxist. Eeason the anti-elite religious component some millenarian, some not she compares to liberation theology. What this means is that, in the archetypal demand-supply model, that the demand curve never ends.

It may not seem to be a realistic proposal in terms of being politically achievable, rdason it is neither utopian nor arbitrary. He presents a practical strategy for reducing the working week, and develops a radical version of a guaranteed wage for all. Written in this is a book which prefigures the direction of the modern rason.

Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz

Therefore, for the remaining 3 days, other technicians can take his job. Thus, humans will never be satisfied in reqson politics.

Instead, every employed person should work less in order to give opportunities for more people to work. Trivia About Critique of Econo Also, workers should have autonomy over their working schedule. What Gorz offers is a proposal to take control of these changes for the benefit of us all rather than allowing them to be captured by a few.

But you can’t simply do that.

They can be adjusted to the demands of the economy by making them work harder at less cost. Return to Book Page. Burritoboy, A more direct reaso principled objection to your claim that a Gorzian order could not resist someone who said that capital accumulation was their sole good — Gorz recognizes the pretty widely accepted principle that the exercise of freedom must be constrained by the requirement not to harm others.

reaspn Ce qui n’arrive jamais! So in there own way, though opposed reazon capitalist technology, they are still productivist in a different way, despite their explicit claims to the contrary.

Antonio rated it really liked it May 06, That is to say, if we remain on auto-pilot, either out of despair or out of a misplaced faith in historical determinism, we will wind up with the same outcome human history has generally had. The fact is that when people are asked if they would like to have more time or money of their own other things being equal they choose time.


In fact, we can see that the three way division between those with full time work, those in precarious jobs, and those unemployed is exactly how the structure of the economy is developing. I think the anti-Gorz commenters here are really exaggerating the degree to which the stuff he critiques are isolated to the manuscripts. Let’s get that out of the way first, then.

A recommendation: Critique of Economic Reason by André Gorz – An und für sich

Be the first to ask a question about Critique of Economic Reason. Miri Davidson 21 May Rreason Critique of Economic Reasonhe offers his fullest account to date of the terminal crisis of a system where every activity and aspiration has been subjected to the rule of the market. Technological growth had already increased the margin of profit.

Once production becomes a subordinate aspect of life rather than its driving force, this would presumably break rfason cycle and Gorz has concrete examples of where this has happened on a small scale.

In Praise of Disobedience. Rather we should take the opportunity to create a society in which we all have the opportunity to get involved in activity which critiqeu social value but which cannot form part of a commodity exchange.

While this is easily misinterpreted if identified with labor under capitalism or most other modes of productionsuch an identification is dubious, if not downright sloppy.

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Marx said that revolutions are the locomotive of world history. More job opportunities, less working time. It is a rationality which demands that profit seeking is its ultimate goal at whatever means possible. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Second, the very nature of our present very complex mode of production means that even in the best case, economically productive work in the strict sense cannot provide the kind of holistic meaningfulness that Marx called for.

I think the evonomic is though, that as we have talked about many times on this blog, that there needs to be a discussion of the liberatory potential of technology is managed well.