Honestidad radical. Transforma tu vida diciendo la verdad by Brad Blanton, , available at Book Depository with free delivery. Este libro es una donación para: Biblioteca PUA Title, Honestidad radical. Transforma tu vida diciendo la verdad. Author, Brad Blanton. Publisher, Planeta, ISBN, X,

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The more hysterical we are, the further away from experience we wish to be. I fervently believe in honesty AND kindness. I just felt like the book was a strong attack against certain morals.

Radical Honesty – Wikipedia

I think the cultural ideas we have about what it means to lead a good life in the West are just totally fucked up. To be free of anger, we have to give up this belief and allow our resentments and other people’s resentments to be expressed even if they are completely irrational. Then I can tell them that I appreciate them being so kind to me, and I hope I can do the same for them when they are feeling bad, and to speak up about how they’re feeling if they can.

I cannot decide to love or trust, but I can decide to be personally honest or not. Bullshit is any abstraction from experience your mind makes and assigns value to. According to Blanton, taking arbitrary meaning-making seriously is an example of your mind controlling your being, rather than simply being and using your mind as a tool to make being easier. I think you have to meld radical honesty with common sense.

Honestidad radical transforma tu vida diciendo a tu pareja, a tu jefe y a tus amigos lo que realmente piensas de ellos by Brad Blanton Book 2 editions published in in Spanish and held by 5 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Entertaining and worth a read if not a listen. Radical Honesty Podcast, Episode 2: He doesn’t examine what lies behind any of his petty surface desires. You don’t need to protect your spouse from your irrationality.


Okay, fair enough, but how exactly do you know what these things are? Being willing is what counts. In American culture, social games and lies are not only encouraged but expected. There’s a part where he outlines all the secrets he is ashamed of.

If bad think you’d be better off living in a society where there is anarchy than in a society governed by the rule of law, you are completely deluding yourself. It’s also not scientific at all, if that’s what you were looking for.

BL Bret Law Oct 15, Wishing is a way to remove oneself from what is going on now. My client has already helped to virtually eliminate instances of babies being born HIV positive in the state where I live, and every day my client is working to reduce the number of people who become HIV positive and reduce the number of people who are HIV positive from getting AIDS. We only meet representatives of people we used to know. Blanton makes the bold statement in the beginning of the book that, “Politeness and diplomacy are responsible for more suffering and death than all the crimes of passion in history.

Adam Gilad Public figure. When we have chosen to do something that we believe would hurt others, especially if it would hurt them only if they knew about it, confessing in this way is also a failure to take responsibility. It is based on decades of work with thousands of individuals and families, as well as the most recent scientific research on brain physiology, biochemistry, cognitive theory, evolutionary theory, cultural anthropology, and psychological growth and development.


But even radical interventions by the best of therapists are powerless unless there is a commitment by a whole and undivided being to change. Radical Honesty then becomes a stringent way to banish certainty, by showcasing your own limited experiences in a cathartic stream of consciousness. I believe in honesty up to a point. They don’t really get that the whole point is to give yourself a break, to have no more homework, to have no identity to keep defending and killing yourself for.

Deadness is a low-intensity form of suffering.

Blanton, Brad

We are against politeness as a substitute for the truth because that politeness kills. He address this too: It seems like he helps people that lead very high stress lives with secretive and often dysfunctional relationships. It really dives deep into the human nature of our communication with others and how by withholding the truth or parts of it we can cause massive stress in our lives.

Talk about why it would help with your marriage and what the two of you can expect.

When we start thinking with categories, we exclude a lot of experience; yet, we need the efficiency of thinking with categories.