The Degrees of Knowledge is a book by the philosopher Jacques Maritain, his major contribution to epistemology. It was first published in English. Jacques Maritain (–), French philosopher and political .. These ‘ degrees of knowledge’ are not, however, independent of one. Jacques Maritain. London: G. Blackwell. Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge. Jacques Maritain – – University of Notre Dame Press.

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The Degrees of Knowledge – Wikipedia

At times, Maritain appears to hold that natural law acquires mmaritain obligatory character only because of its relation to the eternal law; he writes that “natural law is law only because it is participation in Eternal Law” see Man and the Statep. It was not in the details of the argument that I was first “sold” but instead in the very life degrese the text.

As with all natural knowledge of the divine, this is basically analogical, and it follows a via negativa.

Art has both subjective and objective dimensions. Maritain’s work in epistemology, though clearly essential to his political and religious thought and to his aesthetics, has not, however, had the reception Maritain would have held it deserved.

Maritain studied under Jacqques Bergson but was dissatisfied with his teacher’s philosophy, eventually finding certainty in the system T. If embodiment is truly about personal discovery and ultimate self-accountability then the epistemological exploration in this book will serve as a fantastic argument for incorporating spirituality into any philosophy of self. Locke and Sensitive Knowledge.

Dancy et al ed. He became full Professor in and, inwas appointed to the Chair of Logic and Cosmology, which he held until Rights are knowlerge in the natural law, and specifically in relation to the knowlfdge good.


There is, Maritain holds, a single natural law governing all beings with a human nature. English-language editions are noted as well. Nevertheless, Maritain acknowledges that knowledgd knowledge of God that philosophy provides us with is incomplete and imperfect. An “authentic existentialism,” Maritain writes, “affirm[s] the primacy of existence, but as implying and preserving essences or natures, and as manifesting the supreme victory of the intellect and intelligibility” ibid.

Vita e Pensiero, Open access to the SEP is made possible by a world-wide funding initiative. The Pilgrim of the Absolute.

Sheed and Ward, ; Tr. This law “prescribes our most fundamental duties” Man and the Statep. Maritain held, however, that Aristotelian ethics, by itself, was inadequate because it lacked knowledge of humanity’s ultimate end.

He learned of the award at his retreat in a small monastery near Toulouse where he had been living in ascetic retirement for some years. He was prominent in the Catholic intellectual resurgence, with a keen perception knwledge modern French literature. It is non-conceptual, non-rational, and “obscure” Creative Intuitionp. Although Maritain regarded metaphysics as central marltain civilization and metaphysically his position was Thomism, he took full measure of the intellectual currents of his time and articulated a resilient and vital Thomism, applying the principles of scholasticism to contemporary issues.

One person found this helpful. This artistic knowledge is an instance of what Maritain calls, in general, knowledge though connaturality; it is a kind of ‘creative intuition’ that arises out of “the free creativity of knowledgw spirit” Creative Intuitionp. Christian Faith and Secular Degreds It has been argued, however, that there are some difficulties with Maritain’s position here. The focus of Maritain’s writing is not aesthetic theory or even aesthetic experience, but art and the nature of beauty.

International Jacques Maritain Institute. Science Logic and Mathematics.

The Degrees Of Knowledge

Because it seeks principles that underlie all physical objects, jaritain follows from reflections on and goes beyond science; because it still refers to such objects and acknowledges that its conclusions need to be consuistent with verification by the senses, however, it is not metaphysics.


Education at the Crossroads. As the Ancients used to say: Contents The Majesty and Poverty of Metaphysics. The creative self, he writes, “dies to itself in order to live in [its] work” Creative Intuitionp.

Lallement knowlergebut Maritain also prepared some introductory philosophical texts e.

Mark Rist rated it it was amazing Apr 06, Ottawa,p. Thus, from that which is presented in sense perception, the mind constructs an object which is universal. Nevertheless, while the natural law is “self-evident” see Man and the Statep. Georges and Christianne Brazzola, Fayard, Thus, he insists that we can say that we know some things about God.

Maritain also favoured a number of liberal ideals, and the list of rights that he recognises extends significantly beyond that found in many liberal theories, and includes the rights of workers as well as those of the human and the civic person.

This is not a conversation I am as of now totally prepared to engage in. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Parole et Silence, The levels in this hierarchy are determined, then, by how and the extent to which what is known is abstracted from matter.

Inhe petitioned to join the order, and died in Toulouse on April 28, With the outbreak of war at the end ofMaritain decided not to return to France.

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