Delia Hopkins was six years old when her father allowed her to be his assistant in the amateur magic act he performed at the local senior. Summary and reviews of Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult, plus links to a book excerpt from Vanishing Acts and author biography of Jodi Picoult. external image The book Vanishing Acts starts out in New Hampshire with a woman named Delia Hopkins, who is on a Picoult, Jodi.

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And when a policemen arrives to disclose a truth that will upend the world as she knows it, Delia must search through these memories — even when they have the potential to devastate her life, modi the lives of those she loves most. She tackles many issues in this book including kidnapping, alcoholism, memory, being a parent, etc. Greta, though, is even more discriminating.

View all 3 comments. This book in no way stands up to the oh-so-beautiful writing. Through Delia, who for a living works with a bloodhound named “Greta” to track and find missing people, we experience the irony of her chosen occupation.

Vanishing Acts is not one of favorites by Picoult, but by no means would I hesitate to read more by her. View all 5 comments. To date, her best book has been The Storyteller. Why then does he agree to take on the case?

This is a quick and easy read. Preview — Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult. Eric, on the other hand, was the front man: Atria Books July Length: My father looks down vnishing the ground, and shakes his head a little. Fitz listens carefully, his arms folded across his chest. I imagine each memory as the grain of sand that the pearl grew around: But just when it seems that the plan will work, everything gets turned upside down.

I was perfectly happy to sign a marriage certificate at the courthouse.

Each chapter was a first-person point of view of a different character alternating between Delia, her dad, her fiance, and her best friend – and a different font was used for each character. Delia has one admirable trait, being a good mom. In the next two photo albums I pick up, I am older. She came across as self-centered, although I guess it’d be hard not to be when everyone around you vanishin dotes on you.


Narrated from five separate points of view something achieved via several voice actors in the incredibly produced, complicated audiobookVanishing Acts focuses on identity and how lies become truth and truth represents only what we allow ourselves to believe.

Honey, life is just the place where the thread manages to pick up the fabric. I have never read any of her books which picooult been thought-provoking, emotional, and more often than not based on something which can and usually does happen somewhere in the world. I don’t know why Jodi copied her first book’s concept about having a 5 different person’s point of view.

It is like visiting another planet when you only have one roll of film to record it; like coming to a banquet after a hunger strike — there is so much here that I have to consciously keep myself ;icoult racing through, before it all disappears.

Qualm 3 is that this book is just a bit ridiculous, I’d love to give a full example of why, but i’m not ready to set up my spoiler tags yet. Fans of Picoult will not be disappointed. Pull a curtain over vaanishing gentle writer, and move on. There are fifty-two beads, one for each of the years my mother would have been on earth if she were still alive.


The awful conditions that make it so hard to navigate are the same conditions that have preserved this trail. While I wait for the dismissal bell to ring, I take off the strand of pearls.

He used to say that life was all about a boy finding the perfect girl; he was lucky enough to have been handed his in a labor and delivery room.

I would definitely recommend Vanishing Acts, although it’s not one of her best novels, it is still a pretty good read This was the first Jodi Picoult novel I ever read and it got me hooked on her books. In the air or on the ground, bacteria attack, creating vapor trails.


Picoulh Hopkins has led a charmed life. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children. Fitz is sitting in front of his computer.

I could have read this book straight if I had nothing else to do, I liked it that much after I was done reading it Jldi went online and found out a lot of people hated vankshing I reach into the tree and pull down the yellow ball: How do you recover the past when it was never picout to lose?

THis is the second book of hers that I’ve read and I”ve just started a new one. Trying to consider the situation of a father who snatched their identity of his daughter that is against the law by avoiding traumatic childhood experiences. So much in one would make a person believe it is an overload but for some reason Picoult is one those authors who can do this without the overload.

Vanishing Acts: A Novel: Jodi Picoult: : Books

When Ruthann commits suicide, Delia is there to witness it. I follow her gaze toward the red and blue lights outside. Like the way Eric can fold his tongue into a clover, and that disgusting thing you do with your eyes.

It really doesn’t even have to be a great plot for me to love a book like that, but this book did have a pretty great plot so was extra awesome in my opinion. The policemen begin to push him through the doorway. What motivated Delia to pursue a career in search-and-rescue?