Editorial Reviews. From the Publisher. Goldsmith explains the Circle of Eternity– the basis of his approach to mysticism–and tells how to transcend the. A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life [Joel S. Goldsmith] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Goldsmith explains the Circle of. A Parenthesis in Eternity has ratings and 8 reviews. Iona said: This is the best book by Goldsmith I’ve read so far. He delves even more deeply into.

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First must come the clear-cut realization that we cannot go on being just human beings, and attempt to add God’s grace to our humanhood. Often people in the last stages of illness who may not be religious or may not even have thought of goldsmihh in spiritual terms reach out to God in their extremity and receive healing. Lists with This Book. Freedom cannot be given to a nation or to a race of people: George Allen and Unwin, It is as if I took money out of my right-hand pocket and put it into my left-hand pocket.

We cannot see spiritual identity with physical eyes or hear the still small voice and its impartations with physical ears.

A Parenthesis in Eternity

It cannot be golxsmith mild desire; it cannot be just the hope, “Oh, I wish I were free; 1 wish I were like other people; I wish I knew what other people know; I wish I had their education,” These are excuses, alibis. The meaning is clear, and when our footsteps have been directed to a spiritual path, inevitably we shall arrive. On the other hand, living with our thoughts constantly dwelling on our human affairs is setting in motion the karmic law of good and of evil with the possibility of a preponderance of error, discord, or inharmony because we are sowing only to the flesh.

Similarly, is not the world today filled with people, educated paernthesis uneducated, yet knowing nothing beyond what they see, hear, taste, touch, smell, or feel?

Jul 30, Marci Wise rated it it was amazing. This pondering, these thoughts and words, we call contemplative meditation.

Why, then, are we not enjoying it? The few who experienced this inner stirring were those who began the search. It may be that the faithful practice of the principles of spiritual living by “ten righteous” men here, and another ten there, will release this power of God on earth. The only restraint is the discipline of Soul, therefore we know liberty without license; we are a united universe without physical limits; a divine service to God without ceremony or creed.

Open Preview See a Problem? When we stop believing that God is going to Teward or punish us, we will leave God alone to function: At first we may be giving only two, three, or four per cent of our thought and time to entertaining spiritual truth, but gradually as we continue the practice of the Presence, more weight goes over on to the spiritual side, and very soon twenty or twenty-five per cent of the time there is some spiritual truth or some spiritual conviction occupying first place in our mind.


Always, we are either placing our faith, hope, and trust in the Infinite Invisible that is within our very own being or in something covered with silver and gold, or of a fleshly nature.

There is no power of good; there is no power of evil. God did not give us a limited soul, but the Soul of God — infinite, eternal, and immortal — if we but go to that Center.

Every individual has a Soul-faculty which has no relationship to the physical senses of sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell, nor even to the intuitive sense which is the seventh sense. I seek only Thy grace. So it is that wherever we are — at home, on the street, or at business — we can make a transition from the slavery of the senses to the freedom of the Soul. The still small voice will instruct us in what- ever our particular gift, talent, or field may be, whether in spiritual or mathematical wisdom, art, literature, science, or music.

No one has yet experienced even one-millionth of what has already been revealed. I know its name, for it is revealed as My 1 kingdom or My grace. If we think of God as Omnip- otence, we are not building any image of God: But the law never forgets: When this Presence is realized, we shall find that It takes form as new organs and functions of the body, as our home, family, supply, and as our human relationships, even as a parking space.

In the light of the gross ignorance of humankind, is it not quite a miracle that Jesus found even as many as a dozen disciples whom he could ask to leave their nets and follow him? Nevertheless, from the very instant in which we realize that there is but one Self, we begin to lessen the world’s belief that you and I are distinct from one another, and that we can do good or evil to one another. There is no place where God is not, or God would not be infinite Being.

It is up to us to go and sin no more, or sin less, until such time as we are fully and completely in the Spirit, Where there is receptivity to the Christ, there is spiritual regenera- tion, and it makes no difference whether a person has been good or bad, rich or poor, saint or sinner.

The Meaning of Initiation But although we may plumb the depths to the limit of our capacity and fail to reach the goal, the search is still worthwhile, even if we have to go on for years and years and years believing that we are not making any progress.


The Unofficial Infinite Way – A Parenthesis in Eternity

If called upon for extra work, I can do it without feeling that I am using up my strength because alt the strength of the Father is my strength. For years I have been seeking for a eternty in which I could imprison what I am trying to teach, and so far I have not succeeded in finding that word.

If we place our hope in that which man has created, whether made of silver and gold or of stone, whether a crucifix, a star, or any other symbol of religious belief, sooner or later we will be disappointed. The law within us knows what we are doing, and it rewards us accordingly.

A Parenthesis in Eternity: Living the Mystical Life

But how do we become the illumined or the enlightened? The things of God are such foolishness to the man of earth that even if he were told what the truth is, it would appear so ridiculous to him that he could not accept it, and for this reason alone he would be led into all kinds of bypaths, trying to find ways that parenthrsis more sensible and reasonable to him. What is necessary and important is that we enter the sanctuary, this temple of God that we are and in which the presence of God golrsmith.

Be the first to ask a question about A Parenthesis in Eternity. He breathed into us His life. If parnthesis try to under- stand or explain It, or have It explained, we will lose It.

The goal itself is discovering the essence of spiritual wisdom, exploring every comer of the spiritual kingdom, every depth of it, every height of it. If we can accept the Christ, if we can open ourselves to receive and rest in It, It will function in and through us.

It will teach us in the only place where we can be taught — within. But once we are illumined, the Master within us is expressing, functioning, and performing. Who knows what wonderful things lie ahead of us an hour from now? There is a Presence that is as real as we are real to one another, and once It is felt and experienced, there is a relaxing from personal effort.

But because they also believe that God has inflicted these evils upon them as a punishment, they have been cheated of the opportunity of avoiding them in the future.

Always there is the expectancy that the very next paragraph may contain the “pearl of great price” for us. Do not human beings die of the most horrible diseases and tragic accidents?