Implementors of JSTL and authors of JSP pages may find the The JavaServer Pages™ Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification is the result. The JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library (JSTL) is a component of the Java EE Web application development platform. It extends the JSP specification by. Apache hosts the Apache Standard Taglib, an implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL) specification. Various versions are.

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Having automatic type conversions can save unnecessary exceptions from happening.

JSR A Standard Tag Library for JavaServer Pages(TM) Specification Maintenance Release 2

The XML entity values that are used for encoding the characters are shown in Table 4. If you are working with JSP 2. I am not going to go into the various design patterns that can be applied for doing business or integration tier access.

This dilemma is what has hampered the true role separation between the JSP page author and the Java programmer. Practical Guide for Java Programmers.

Coercion means that the page author isn’t responsible for converting parameters into the appropriate objects or primitives. Let’s walk through code samples to see how we use each of the tags spfcification in this library. Making database queries Accessing query results Performing database modifications Database transactions What all of the SQL actions have in common is that they work against a specific data source.

JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library

Expressions in template text are not supported if you are using JSTL 1. Have you heard about the JSTL but aren’t quite sure of how to make the best use of it? We will talk about this jsfl more detail later in this chapter, but as a quick example, so that you are familiar with the format, the jsto might look like:. There are HTML tags included in the string that we want to make sure are rendered correctly with the string bolded.


The page author can handle an unexpected value more in a user-friendly way, perhaps informing the user of the type of data that is expected or providing a sample of the format of data required by the user. The EL operations are necessary to handle data manipulations. Using the Expression Language Before we dive into the various functional areas in the JSTL, we should start with the expression language.

Since this expert group has a good cross section of JSP authors and users, the actions provided in speecification JSTL should suit a wide audience. The two displays are shown as they would appear if you were to view the source specificatuon the resulting file in your browser.

Perform a multiplication operation to show that the type is correct: With escapeXml defaulting to true:. Writing Output to the JspWriter There are four general-purpose tags. Sue can also be found speaking at various technical conferences around the country. Using the implicit objects param and paramValues, it is also possible to jsto HTTP request parameters. The set of tags that are available in the Core tag library come into play for probably spevification anything you will be doing in your JSPs.

This is about as easy as it gets to incorporate international support into your application.

The functional areas in the JSTL help page authors identify what specificcation of functionality they need and where they can find it. Controller MVC architecture, which is the predominant design pattern used in building web applications today, you definitely want to keep your model information in your business logic.

We’ll then go through the other configuration settings as well as the available interfaces. To ensure that the data is displayed to the user correctly we would use:. This is similar to doing a ServletRequest.


Anyone who has worked with JSPs before can certainly appreciate the ease-of-use and coding simplification possible with the EL. You specificaiton reach her at sspielman at switchbacksoftware.

If a parameter that represents the month is passed in the request as a Stringthe value of the month variable will be correct because the String will be coerced to the correct type when used. The JSTL defines appropriate conversions and default values.


An Introduction to JSTL

Again, this is as if you had made ServletRequest. In this chapter, we’ll explore these internationalization actions. All of the standard and common operators are available. This capability is controlled by the escapeXml attribute. The automatic type conversion is a very convenient feature of the EL in that a full set of coercion between various object and primitive types is supported.

It is also common to use the term L10N, for localization. Let’s look at Example 3. The answer is yes. Say we want to personalize our welcome page and pass the name of a user so that we can welcome them. Then we’ll a look at how to use the actions in situations where their use would be appropriate.

The community has asked for it, the community has gotten it. The identifier itself can reside in any of the known JSP scopes.