The action of Juno and the Paycock takes place between September and. November In that year there were no fewer than four governments in. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. The most famous play by this remarkable Irish dramatist. Juno and the Paycock has been produced throughout the world and offers a compelling look at the.

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Bentham rises, shakes hands vrith Mary, and sits down again. He screws on cap of fountain-pen, puts it hack in breast pocket, and sits back with an important air on the sofa. Ah, what good is that to mo now! I suppose you know we owe twenty pouns to oul’ Murphy?

Madigan that I hope we’ll have the pleasure of her organization at our little enthertainment.

Juno and the Paycock

Are you never goin’ to give us a rest? A bottle o’ stout ud be a little too heavy for me stummock afther me tay. A well-worn annehair beside fireplace. Ah, well she may wear them.

anc It’s betther late than never. Title of the play or plays. Putting his hand on the shovel I think, Joxer, we’d betther bring our shovels?


Juno and the Paycock | Samuel French

Sassige I Well, lot her keep her sassige. How the hell do I know what he done it for? Whisht, damn it, he must be inside in bed. Boyle serve the tea.

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Leaning against the dresser is a long-handled shovel — the kind invariably used by labourers when turning concrete or mixing mortar. He stands just inside dooTy looking at Johnny, who doesn’t know that he has entered. On the table is an old attache case. You can put yourself in a bolsther-cover, if you like. A cake, or several small ones.

Oh, you’ll do a lot o’ good as long as you continue to be a butty o’ Joxer’s! Nugent says he thinks they had guns Well, I hope it will, for he’s a dcript man.

[OTA] Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

An’ what, in the name o’ God, did he do that for? Scien- tists are beginning to think that what we call ghosts are sometimes seen by persons of a certain nature.

His face is invariably ornamented with a grin. You’re not at the funeral?

The left sleeve of his coat is empty, and he walks with a slight halt. Mary breaks a’way and rushes out door R. He hates to be assed to stir.


His work was very heavy and his wages were very small. Bentham takes a large-looking document from breast pocket, opens it out. Since the fight first began, Soggart Aroon?

He is about 25, well set, active and earnest. People may live in the place and see nothing, when some one may come along whose personality has some peculiar connection with the energy of the place, and, in a flash, the person sees the whole affair. His neck is short, and his head looks like a stone ball that one sometimes sees on top of a gate-post.

Ah, what good is that to me now? An’ the way Juno an’ him’s been throwin’ their weight about for the last few months! Will you not give us one kind word, one kind word, Mary?