Kerfol has ratings and 20 reviews. Tom said: This story is not exactly what I expected going in. Even so, it is a great example of gothic horror and. It is one of the many ghost stories Edith Wharton wrote and was also included in the collection Ghosts published in Kerfol. cover design. Edith Wharton aimait les chiens, et elle a exprimé la force de ce sentiment dans deux passages-clés de ses écrits autobiographiques. «Kerfol» est la seule de.

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I sat down on a stone and lit a cigarette. A heart-beat At my feet.


Kim rated it really liked it Mar 20, I “You ought to buy it,” said my host; “it’s just the place for a solitary-minded devil like you. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Then I pushed open the barrier and went in.

All seems well at first. It yielded, and I walked under the tunnel formed by the thickness of the chemin de ronde. He had come once or twice to Kerfol with his father, but she had never before exchanged a dozen words with him. As I read the case, I fancy there was no feeling for her left in him ketfol the hatred occasioned by his supposed dishonour. And still there was not a sound. Gender and the Gothic in the Fiction of Edith Wharton. So ends her story.

I won’t talk about the plot ddith what happens, but the story takes a turn for the most interesting, engaging you by using a court case with the events that happen in kerfl story’s time. I found a flight of steps in the thickness of the wall and went down them; and when Kegfol emerged again into the court, there stood the circle of dogs, the golden- brown one a little ahead of the others, the black greyhound shivering in the rear.


Whargon Short Stories of Edith Wharton. I stood there for fully five minutes, the circle about me — waiting, as they seemed to be waiting. But his daughter –? In this story, she also tackles the problem of being taken seriously as a writer while addressing a subject not considered serious: Behind the wall were tall slate roofs mossed with silver, a chapel belfry, the top of a keep.

Rich though he was, he had never been open-handed; but nothing was too fine for his wife, in the way of silks or gems or linen, or whatever else she fancied.

Kerfol, by Edith Wharton

Kedfol Christian Theology of Compassion for Animals. I was curious about this story when The Ghosts of Kerfol came out. Jul 28, Tiffany Lynn Kramer rated it liked it. Sep 27, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: It was like the ghost of a box-walk, its lustrous green all turning to the shadowy greyness of the avenues.

I found a way across the moat, scrambled over a wall smothered in brambles, and got into the garden. Suddenly she was waked by her husband: She knew the time had come, and stole along the passage, past her husband’s door — where she stopped again to listen to his breathing — to the top edkth the stairs. Jana rated it liked it Sep 07, Madame de Lanrivain let the embroidery slip to her knee and folded her hands on it. It seemed to have been ill-treated by the gypsies, and clung to her plaintively when she took it from them.

Library of America, II Lanrivain, the next day, hunted out a shabby calf volume from the back of an upper shelf of his library.

I saw nothing else! Harper and Rowe,pp.


When her husband suddenly appears at the top of the stairs, she claims he was attacked and mauled to death by a pack of dogs.

It was more as if they had lived a long time with people who never spoke to them or looked at them: They were so steep and winding that she had to go very slowly, for fear of stumbling. They don’t understand French, and they would pretend they did and mix you up. But that evening, when Lanrivain and the solicitor were closeted in the study, Madame de Lanrivain began to question me in the drawing-room.

I wonder if there is a ghost here, and nobody but you left for it to appear to? At any rate, she tried to call up her old graces; but early in the evening he complained of pains and fever, and left the hall to go up to his room. This story is not exactly what I expected going in. She was a woman of great piety and consequence, and much respected by Yves de Cornault, and when she proposed to Anne to go with her to Ste.

Walker Books – The Ghosts of Kerfol

A few roses grew against the walls, and on an upper window-sill I remember noticing a pot of fuchsias. Man and the Natural World: But one evening a pedlar woman came to the castle and was selling trinkets to the maids. Further, theologians and philosophers whaeton to imagine the inner lives of animals: Yet they did not look hungry or ill-treated.