Kulachudamani Tantra by Giriśacandra Vedantatirtha, , Sanskrit Press Depository edition, in Sanskrit. Kulachudamani Tantra – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Like all original works of Rantrika worship, this tantra is cast in. Kulachudamani Tantra. Edited By Girisha Chandra Vedantatirtha. With An Introd. By Akshaya Kumara Maitra (Sanskrit Edition) [Giriacandra Vedantatirtha] on.

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Bowing to them, and reciting a mantra, a mantrin becomes happy: Being kulachhudamani final stage of Sadhana this Achara knows no distinction of race, colour, caste, or sect. An essential feature of this Achara is the attainment of the knowledge that the Mother who is worshipped under different forms as Tripura, Kalika and so forth with differing rituals is She from whom all creation proceeds and who is all in all.

Like all original works on Tantrika worship, the Kulachudamani is cast in the form of a dialogue – the Shastra being revealed by the Devi in Her form as Bhairavi, in answer to questions put to Her by Shiva in His form as Bhairava. One should protect oneself carefully, pegging all the gaps with vajra, Shakti.

Kulachudamani Tantra Homam – Chennai |

Unless she is initiated and young, how is it possible to accomplish Kulapuja? By kulachudwmani the eyes with anjana, one may shatter iron locks barring doors, becoming able to enter either stable, warrior’s house, Kalika temple, treasury or sacred place, and may have sexual union according to will even times.

Son, now listen to the sexual embrace in Kula puja. Kulachara has been called a secret kulzchudamani and practice. Only eight syllables should be disclosed, thus reducing the mantra to Mahishamardini Svaha.

It therefore has no use where She is known. They are worshipped with the long- vowels a, 1, u, H, Iriai, au and a A Thus: The worship of Mahishamardini is in general performed in the usual Tantrika way.

Once more, men, great nature, egoism, the five elements, sattvas, rajas and tamas become manifested. The details are given with a view to help the reader to follow the ritual. The object tantga this Sadhana in this special instance is the acquisition of the power with which the Chapter deals. The best of sadhakas should first place Devikuta at the top of the head. It is replete with numerous and bewildering meanings and is the final resting place of all good disciples Sachchhishya-paramaspadam.


Kulachudamani Tantra

The food to be offered to Shakti during the Purashcharana ceremony is enumerated at length III, Kuleshvara, a man, worshipping Devi most attentitively at a Kula place, giving her Kula fish, Kula food and Kula wine. Guru shishyapade sthitva svayameva mahesvarah Prashnottara-padair vakyaistantrang samavatarayat The Tantra according to this verse, was originally revealed by Mahesvara Shiva who Himself stood for that purpose in tntra position of the Guru as well as that of the Shishya.

When a person does forest puja of great maidens, it bestows purity. Kulachudamqni Shiva and Shakti are one and the same and it is Shiva who reveals, Shiva kulachuddamani the revealer of the Shastra in all cases, though in some He figures as Shishya and in otehrs as Guru.

The following tatra and accompanying notes are by the General Editor. The highest of the doctrines are the 64 tantras: In the place of those last the present work appears to give the names of kulachudammani following Tantras: Chapter IV The devotee should we well versed in Vaishnavachara tamtra is in Bhaktimarga before he can be permitted to adopt any of the special rites. After reciting the Kali mantra of one, two or three types, one can attract the moveable, the fixed and everything else, according to will.

Reciting at night gives siddhi and one becomes Dakshina. Follow it with care. The term thus combines the meaning of the three other words which are further explained to mean Jiva MataJnana Manam and the manifold universe or Vishva Meyam.

Dear son, a Kulaguru is an accomplished being and said to be the vehicle of happiness. This portion may tanntra divided into three sections. After being initiated, prostrate yourself like a stick on the ground. If one does not have a young woman as a Shakti, perform the dismissal using water.

Then pronounce the rishi, metre and root mantra into the ear of your daughter, three times in her left ear.

Kulachudamani Tantra

In the third section vv. The Bhairavi in discoursing of it in the Kulachudamani says at the outset I,31 that it had not been told to Vishnu nor to Brahma nor to Ganapa.

Message Hi, I am kulachudaman you would find this event interesting: Whatever the subject whatsoever, this method always bestows that which is wished for. Devi, the form of supreme bliss! Folk following the path of Kula and the Kulashastras are broad minded, from following the path of Vishnu, patient of insult, and always doing good to others. Hold the Kula cakra at a crossroads, close to a river, at the root of a bilva tree, actually within the cremation ground, during a feast, in a palace or whatever, O Holder of the Trident!


She adds that even when all this is said Her Tattva is not known. Dear son, Lord of Kulanathas, unless a man has the Durga or Kali mantra, the siddhis are concealed, there is no doubt of it.

The best of sadhakas, using Nimba wood should, on tsntra Tuesday, at midnight, sit in sexual intercourse on a corpse.

May the shadow of your lotus feet fall on my head, O Princely One!

Just as grain is the secret essence of an ear of corn, or as the Sun’s brightness manifests by its rays, or as the Moon’s beauty is shown in falling rain, or as the earth becomes full of nectar by being watered, or as by seeing a flower one becomes filled with devotion, or through Mahadurga’s prasad makes one a Tantar of Siddhas, or as by the grace of Kula flower pleasure arises, or as remembering the Ganges frees from sin, so by this method of attraction one becomes like Shiva, and so meditating on a young woman gives boons.

In her left ear, kuoachudamani the mantra while sprinkling her with Kula nectar. Mahishamardini according to Kulachudamani VII, 13 has eight hands holding on the right side Chakra discusKhadga sacrificial swordVana arrowShula tridentand on the left side Khadga, Charma shieldDhanu bow and Tarjani-mudra vide post. Then comes the ritual prescribed for the worship of Kali in the cremation ground. As was there pointed out the text of the Tantrasara used for this translation was in parts corrupt and unintcllcgiblc and in others of doubtful meaning.

Devi here takes the form of Mahishamardini, more popularly known as Durga, who destroyed the two arch-demons Sumbha and Nisumbha in an epic battle between the goddess and the throng of demons.