iv KURDISH GRAMMAR Some years of study and residence among the Kurds of various parts of ICurdistan —Kurmanji Kurdish— A Reference Grammar with. This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized Learning grammar, one way or another, is a necessary element of learning language. Kurmanji Kurdish, Lesson 4 10 Grammar / Rêziman 4 (continued) Some common prepositions and circumpositions with examples are the following: ba/nik/cem.

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The Ergative Construction in Kurdish.

Grammar of Kurmanji or Kurdish Language

Who is reading my book? Kurdish grammar has many Inflectionswith prefixes and suffixes added to roots to express grammatical relations and to form words.

Fill in the blanks according to the information given in the dialogue above. The ram, the rooster, the fox and the rabbit got on top of the wolf and in this manner knocked the breath out of him literally: C The indefiniteness kurish A bare noun in Kurmanji can have a definite reading, or a very general reading, depending on the context.

Kurmanji Kurdish

Two interrelated trends can be distinguished, a the enrichment of the lexical stock through the […]. March, April and May are the months of the spring season.


Exercise Change the active sentences below into passive sentences. Yes, I am a Kurd, and you?

Kurmanji Kurdish: A Reference Grammar with Selected Readings

Do not be afraid! When the wolves heard this news, fear came into their hearts and they all fled together from that place, saying: The Kurdish latin alphabet based on the Roman script; the alphabet based on the Grammad script and the alphabet on the basis of the Cyrillic alphabet.

I had talked to him. Views Read Edit View history.

On Saturday morning I woke up a bit late. As for the negative form of the present conditional, we simply replace the subjunctive bi- with the negation marker ne- and keep the rest untouched. Sleep early at night to wake up early in the morning. Do you have two cars? Good day, my name is Zeyneb. Below there is a chart of the endings: Exercise a Read the text above and answer the questions below.

Grammar of Kurmanji or Kurdish Language – PDF Free Download

At the current stage they use mostly North Kurdish […]. Do you want the red pencil brammar the black one? Some examples are as follows: They had eaten Note the changes in the conjugation of the verbs according to different objects in the below examples: Bazaars in Kurdistan Bazaars are very important in Kurdistan.


You will still be understood even if you do not produce them correctly; we will discuss them in a later lesson with some examples. However, the most important words are constant across the different varieties.

Bring it and put it on this table! They have slightly different forms depending on whether the preceding word ends in a vowel or consonant.

He came but he has not brought the children with him. Franck Florici et al. These texts cover a range of topics to build vocabulary and also focus on frequent use of grammar forms being taught. In that journal, the Bedirxan Bedirkhan brothers and other Kurdish intellectuals had laid the foundations for modern standard written Kurmanji.