Una crónica familiar que abarca tres generaciones y dos países, La breve y maravillosa vida de Oscar Wao cuenta la historia del gordiflón. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao has ratings and reviews. Cameron said: How this book won the Pulitzer Prize AND the National Book Cri. Readers’ questions about La maravillosa vida breve de Oscar Wao. 12 questions answered.

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And also because it’s not our duty to decide whether one author or the other deserve the awards they receive maravilloxa what makes you feel like you’re qualified to judge upon this?!

The clencher for me was his sleight of hand with the following: In an interview, Junot Diaz said that he offered up the Spanish without translation because he wanted to give English readers an idea of the immigrant experience.

La Maravillosa Vida Breve De Oscar Wao: Junot Diaz: : Books

I am late to the party with Junot Vidq work, but wow, what a book! From his home in New Maravilosa, where he lives with his old-world mother and rebellious sister, Oscar dreams of becoming the Dominican J. Magical madavillosa of the novel serves a crucial purpose by enabling the juxtaposition of the supernatural, intangible being and a mortal. At times, however, the book can be a bit frustrating.

The dictatorship of It took me awhile to get into the rhythm and flow of the writing but once I did I was all in. The different perspectives, the family, the entire history and origin story of their curse and the island itself, no matter how far they were from it even Japan they were still connected to it.

February Learn how and when to remove this template message. He was hosted by oscsr amazing reading series in Houston, Inprint. I asked for spoilers at my book club from the only person who managed to make it to the end nobody else liked it and maravilosa doesn’t sound like the ending is rewarding enough or at all to suffer through it.

When Oscar meets Ana, one of the many women with whom he falls in love, he notices different aspects of her life and “there was something in the seamlessness with which she switched between these aspects that convinced maraviklosa that both were masks”. You know, the “portly, maravillowa, pig-eyed mulato who bleached his skin, wore platform shoes, and had a fondness for Napoleon-era haberdashery.


Because there are far too many atrocities committed by dictators all over the world that we have no clue about and that we are bound to know and to prevent from happening. Is any of the story set in the Dominican Republic? It’s a mix of things but oscaar interesting, funny, tragic and highly relatable.

Inmy book club is choosing books set in countries other than the US. We meet dorky Oscar as a high school sophomore living in Paterson, N. I should check it out! Oct 22, Tatiana rated it it was ok Shelves: Although I read it in Romanian, the translator kept the Spanish slang and did a good job to preserve the flow, as the author intended.

Alas, the Spanish words intermixed into every other sentence? From what I’ve gathered in other reviews, Diaz is apparently setting up some themes between all these family members, but at that point I couldn’t care less.

Yunior peppers the English-speaking novel with Spanish vocabulary and phrases and certain English sentences are built with Spanish syntax: Maravillsoa help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more maravilosa. Garbage This book was recommended to me by my cousin so I thought I would like it.

Retrieved from ” https: I kept stealing sideways glances at the lady sitting next to me. Despite wearing the family doom like a black, itchy sweater and meeting romantic rejection at every turn, Oscar optimistically journeys through the s, “the dawn of the Nerd Age,” Diaz writes.

Used to protect sugar cane fields from rat infestations, mongooses were pivotal in the DR’s growing sugar economy.

La breve y maravillosa vida de Óscar Wao Teacher’s Guide

The drawback, of course, is that every person who encounters these things are expecting some sort of transcendent, perspective-altering experience, and when a merely very good or even great book or film comes along instead, we find ourselves a little let down.

Here’s Oscar watching his equally nerdy friends get girlfriends while he remains alone.

His actions eventually resulted in Trujillo arranging for his arrest and eighteen-year sentence, where he was brutally beaten and treated to an endless series of electric shock treatments He wore his semi-kink hair in a Puerto Rican afro, rocked enormous Section 8 glasses…sported an unappealing trace of mustache on his upper lip and possessed a pair of close-set eyes that made him look somewhat retarded.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. It gets my vote. Because the …more Yes. He substitute teaches at his former high school and dreams about writing an epic work of science fiction.


Throughout the novel, violence is transmitted from the system of colonialism and dictators to the domestic sphere and perpetuated through the generations. After unknowingly becoming involved with Trujillo’s sister’s husband, The Gangster’s vjda assault Beli there. That’s why I thought the book was somewhat hopeful at the end. When he examines his own body in the mirror he feels “straight out of a Daniel Clowes book.

Cabral is incarcerated, tortured and almost destroyed at least in part as a result of words he has spoken and written, and Trujillo has Cabral’s entire library, including any sample of his handwriting, destroyed.

Ask and answer questions about books! Diaz replays the highlights of Santo Domingo History in footnotes which annotate the novel. View all 3 comments.

La maravillosa vida breve de Óscar Wao [The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao]

A free spirit who speaks in sci-fi gibberish and aspires to become the Dominican J. I was interested in the Dominican history if it wasn’t fictionalized, not sure and somewhat curious about what made Oscar’s life brief, but not enough to wade through a bunch of trash to get there. Oscar in his twenties ends up teaching high school English in Paterson, and in his despair he seeks more of his roots and identity and comes to spend more and more time in DR on breaks or summers.

I do most of my reading as far from a computer as I can, which meant going online later on and trying to decipher certain words or phrases that had thrown me for a loop, often to no avail, as online translations aren’t very good for proof, I’d refer you to my grades in Spanish class in college.

Return to the Matrix and don’t read this book. Whether or not this creature is a figment of the young woman’s imagination, it led her to safety and provided hope in a situation where death seemed imminent.

Yet I will offer some comparisons to potentially help orient yourself. Share your thoughts with other customers. We managed to scare the shit out of men. The narration of the book also shifts away from Yunior to another character at several key moments in the story.