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Talking about something I call my life? You live moments of joy here and there and then enter again into this rollercoaster of sensations and feelings. I know now that everything gentle and fragile in fact frightened him. The Scientifically proven benefits of Akahi 8 Day Breatharian Method, accompanies hundreds of people everyday around the world safely to the Pranic Breatharian State, Documented on movies and television, His method has been adopted as a template by the new generation of breatharian teachers in Germany, Israel, USA, Holland, UK.

To start with, I would like to say that it is a confession of a loving daughter, sister, aunt and granddaughter, mother and grandmother. My mum just watched because she was scared for herself and my younger brother. Since January 11th,I undertook to travel light.

He grew up in a small village in very hard conditions where women had to equal men at work but had to obey, work and shut their mouths. He did not know what it was.

During this same process, extraordinary skills emerged in her, such as clairvoyance, communication with beings from higher dimensions, telepathy, and the skill to transmit Bi Gu energy. And it’s the same for the environments that you hang out in, the companions that you have, your entertainment, television – everything will bring that dense vibration, each more inferior and will also undermine our energy, and each time that we are linked, we are caught in this circuit of survival, of hunger, of the need to eat.

Since the 23 November he feeds now on Prana. Pranic food The human organism knows how to live without absorbing of conventional food.


Literature on Living Food-free

At the age of thirty monforrt Ray has decided to take a huge leap of faith by going through a 21 day fast pranic initiation that changed his life forever. Her students comfortably and safely acquire the experience of Pranic Nourishment and the transition to more lighter types of food of any level. Sample of book PDF format.

Until nourgiture, life has shown him, that pain is already the foundation for joy and inspiration! He is dedicated today to serve the All, the Dharma the emergence of peacelove and light.

She had long hair down to her waist and she laughed all the time. As a living temple of God, the human body is fully equipped with miraculous wonders that can be awakened in those who are spiritually conscious and have complete faith in the Creator of all life. The goal of is that all humanity gets familiarity with the knowledge, in order to live in a peaceful world of harmony.

He was afraid of the unknown. We loved each other, he was everything for me. Today he is traveling to different countries all over the world teaching a deep inner process.

Pranic nourishment – Another path to spiritual life – Henri Monfort

In those moments I perceived and saw angels and my granddad around me and always heard cheerful voices, otherwise I would not have been able to survive. Thanks to my daughters, their children, my grandchildren.

I can from now on, as many more people, testify of the possible. InJasmuheen was also honored with a special Diploma for her dedicated global peace work by Spiri Haret University in Romania. All in all, one thing after another. Erika travels all over the world as ambassador of many communities, but she is first lq all creator of tools of peace and harmony to help in the awakening of the big human family in this new paradigm. I was told that the introduction was too long etc.

Naturopath, nutritionist, and holistic therapist. You have done something good oranique the past in order to be able to pick a human birth. I found that out later on when I was 48 and crossing the Czech Republic to find out my origins, my family lineage.


How wrong my beloved parents were.

After marrying my dad she changed. It seeks neither to prove nor to convince. From that time on she gave seminars she gave seminars and energy transmissions in China. A life, led by inspiration of source and the joy of every moment! Consequently, she left her civil service job and focused her life on serving other people.

The wisdom he passed on to me in the sandpit was: I followed them and they told me that this is the place of sacred energy for them in central Europe and all their friends from Tibet if they are in the Czech Republic would come here to meditate.

What shall I do? We are in the beginning of new one paradigm in which the extraordinary impact invites us in all to participate. She lives fully her life, staying in connection in all domains, always in connection of the co-creation of this new world love peace and joy. We feed on it in good conscience, by the breath, by all the senses, and we reach it by the meditation, the exercises of breath, and a connection to the light source. How can I learn to write such stories?

My granddad was my guardian angel, my guide and shaman. For more information about Oberon and his work, please contact: So the main idea that I see, even for the purpose of pranic consciousness, is that the people are established in the consciousness – no longer the ego creating structures, creating games. He never experienced any kindness in his life. To be woken up. He used to beat me up with an 8-plait green whip.

Or they live on love, on faith alone.